UK Only: BBC iPlayer Channel on Wii

The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) and Nintendo have teamed up to create the BBC iPlayer Channel, which will be downloadable onto your Wii on November 18. The channel will feature a full screen viewing interface, so a family may view recorded TV and radio broadcasts as if they are happening live.

For those you who do not know, the BBC iPlayer is a online video collection of TV shows and radio programmes that have been broadcasted throughout the past week, so if you missed your favourite program, you could essentially catch up with it online.

In order to use the service on the Wii, you will need to download the BBC iPlayer Channel from the Wii Shop, and simply click on the BBC iPlayer Channel icon. After selecting your viewing choice, the video or audio recording will then launch in full screen.

David Yarnton, General Manager of Nintendo UK, said:

Our partnership with the BBC is another way in which Nintendo is looking to broaden the market for its products by offering compelling and relevant content to families. BBC iPlayer offers Wii owners another reason to turn their console on every day and adds to the already established non gaming content on Wii that includes Wii Channels for news, weather forecasts and an internet browser.

As this content by the British Broadcasting Corporation, it is most likely to be exclusive to the United Kingdom and Ireland.