Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition & New Details on DLC Announced

Capcom announced today the upcoming release of Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition that will feature the original game plus the downloadable content who wishes to buy the retail copy instead of the downloadable digital version. There will be four downloadable contents that will be released and these includes two new episodes, new costumes and a new Mecenaries Reunion.

Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition will be available on both the XBOX 360 and PlayStation 3 early next year, for $49.99

For those RESIDENT EVIL fans who prefer a box copy, we are also happy to report that we will be releasing a RESIDENT EVIL 5: GOLD EDITION that will include the original game plus all additional content, making this the ultimate Resident Evil 5 experience. RESIDENT EVIL 5: GOLD EDITION will be available for $49.99 as a single Blu-ray disc for the PLAYSTATION 3 or as a DVD with a token for the downloadable content for XBOX 360.

Lost in Nightmares DLC + Costume Pack 1
Will be available on February 17, 2010 (XBOX 360), February 18, 2010 (PS3)

Episode 2 (Title TBA) + Costume Pack 2
Will be available March 3, 2010 (XBOX 360), March 4, 2010 (PS3)