Demon’s Souls Sold Out?

If you still have not had a chance to purchase Atlus’ PS3 exclusive RPG Demon’s Souls, you will probably have a hard time getting it now since most GameStop and Best Buy stores around most area are sold out! Calling numerous GameStop stores across the nation, they’ve stated that Demon’s Souls is sold out and has been since its release last Tuesday. As many people are eager to get one of the best RPGs on the PlayStation 3, is it too late?

Just Push Start has talked to a manager of a GameStop in Michigan and he is telling us they have no word of receiving more copies of Demon’s Soul’s as of yet. Could this be another game that will elude gamers? Many of you know that Atlus is one of those game companies that have limited disbursements of their games.

Didn’t pre-order the game? Seems you may be out of luck, you will just have to wait for a used copy to pop up, or hope that your store receives more soon. Could we expect the same thing with Uncharted 2?

Note: It only applies to retail stores and not online stores.

[UPDATE] Seems Amazon is out of stock as well…

14 thoughts on “Demon’s Souls Sold Out?

  1. I would like to add to this. I live near Game Crazy store and got a membership there. I didn’t pre order Demons Souls because at the time I wasn’t interested but word of mouth soon got to me and it was too late to pre-order. So I went there a day after its release and it was sold out. I asked the guy when will he get new copies, and he said they should get it in “couple of days”. I tried other Game Crazy store and it was sold out there as well. I thought that I might as well wait. Next day I was returning from school and there was Game Stop on the way so I dropped by to see if they had a copy. I asked the clerk if he has DS copy, and he said they do (thank god), and that they received the new shipment that very morning. So yeah, I think the game is enjoying pretty good sales. I’m glad I got my copy.

  2. Also forgot to mention something interesting. There was only one display box of Demons Souls on the shelf, and there was a dude there who already got to it before I even entered the store. I asked him where are the DS display boxes, and he said there was only one. I was all :( He went to the checkout line and I was browsing other games, when he came back and said the clerk told him to put the display box back on shelf because they have more than one copy. I was so happy.

  3. i really want demon souls but no matter what i am getting uncharted 2 but i hopefully plan to get demon souls sometime after.i went to gamestop the other day and they had a few copies there.but here in my town not many people play the ps3 witch is stupid but hey its thier preferance.

  4. What, not enough copies?
    They even sell them on Amazon here in Germany.

    Well, the Deluxe Edition sells for 89 Euros, which is around 130US$.
    Guess they want to make the most of the copies they have…

  5. Well, Atlus did some of the best marketing I’ve ever seen for such a small publisher with Demon Souls, plus the pre order bonuses and the deluxe edition are just epic.


  6. best news if true because i was the one who have been spreading the awesomeness of this game on gamefaqs and other areas from day it was announced and shown in terrible state, i just want sequel and after this news i hope it would become reality.

  7. I pre-ordered but got the cheapest shipping possible, so I have yet to receive my copy. Rather than wait for it to arrive in the mail, I thought I’d just go out and buy a copy. I tried six different places that sell games and they were all sold out. This is no joke.

  8. I heard his by word of mouth, I didn’t preorder.. what a mistake. Best Buy, GameStop, Ebgames, Sears(lol), and Walmart were all sold out.

    I gave into ebay and waiting to get it..right when Uncharted 2 comes out =(.

  9. Are people talking about being sold out locally?, GameStop,, etc all have it in stock still…

  10. Its much easier to get it online. Gamestop shows it in stock on there website and so does Amazon, Amazon still has the deluxe edition in stock. Gamestop stores are always like this though, if it doesn’t have a high demand based on preorders, they bring in very little copies.
    You can even import the Japanese version (it will cost more but it has english voices), thats what people have been doing for awhile now since it was released back in spring in Japan.
    And no this won’t happen with Uncharted 2. This happens with a lot games that Atlus publish. They always ship out a limited quantity of copies because really there games get very little interest, even with great reviews. Demons Souls though seems like one there biggest releases thats has been picking a lot of interest. Seeing how well its doing I’m sure they will print more copies if its getting that low. They did it with the first Trauma Center game for the DS.

  11. @Nick
    I know for a fact Amazon is out of stock. I preordered and they still haven’t shipped mine

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