Borderlands – First 10 Minutes

Take a peek of the first 10 minutes of the most anticipated FPS-RPG title, Borderlands, for the XBOX 360 and PlayStation 3. Set to release on October 20th, fans of the RPG and First Person Shooter genre can rejoice as the game will finally hit retail.

We will have the review done pretty soon. Check back with us in a few days for our coverage. For now, check out the video we prepared for you:

NOTE: Video is off-sync. We are re-uploading the video right now… Fixed! Might take some time for processing. Please be patient.


8 thoughts on “Borderlands – First 10 Minutes

  1. Haha, jeez.. Impatient ingrateful visitors :) Game looks okay, for an rpg i wouldve expected more customization/conversation from the beginning.

    And one other thing, those fighting skills needs a bit of polishing..

  2. Man, can’t wait for you people to fix it! it is weird to see a video with such a bad sync problem. maybe you people could try to upload it somewhere else.

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