Persona PSP Releasing on Playstation Network

With the PSP Go! releasing in about a month, all games will soon be available both in the standard UMD format in retail stores and in digital format on the Playstation store. Atlus will be one of the first 3rd party developers to have a duel PSP release with its upcoming remake of Persona. The game releases both in UMD and through digital download on September 22. For the lucky Go! Early adopters that means no running out to the local game shop to get a hard copy, you can simply load up your PS3 and have it download instantly, pretty fancy huh? This must be that future thing people are always talking about.

The only difference between the PSN and UMD version is that the UMD version will include the game soundtrack while the downloadable will not. We will have more information on Persona PSP soon so stay tuned.

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Mark Fajardo

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