Monster Hunter 3 Sees A Successful Launch

The much awaited game in Japan has finally arrived and hundreds of people lined up just to get a hands-on on Capcom’s Monster Hunter 3 for the Nintendo Wii. August 1, 2009 marks a historical event for Capcom as hundreds of people lined up waiting for the day of its release.

The first 100 people that lined up and got the game had the opportunity to get their game signed by one of its producers. According to the latest reports, people had begun lining up 2 days before the launch. With this going on, Monster Hunter 3 sales might catch up to Square-Enix’s Dragon Quest IX since the Monster Hunter series has a wide fan base in Japan.

There are still no reports about the game’s definite release date for the US, but now would be a perfect time to capitalize on Monster Hunter mania. Stay tuned for more details.

Pictures From: GameWatch