Pokemon Sword and Shield Guide – How to catch Mew

Pokemon Sword and Shield are finally here, and with a brand new region to explore and new Pokemon to catch and collect, there are still ones from the past that you can obtain, especially the legendary Mew.

Assuming you have the right accessory, catching Mew right from the start is possible. To unlock Mew in Pokemon Sword and Shield, here’s the breakdown on how to catch it:

How to unlock Mew

One accessory that you need to have in order to unlock Mew is the Poke Ball Plus accessory. For players who have bought it way back when Pokemon Let’s Go! Eevee and Let’s Go! Pikachu was released a year ago, you can use that very Poke Ball Plus accessory to unlock it.

If you are still lucky enough to find the Poke Ball accessory, it is available for $50 or it’s bundled together with a copy of either Let’s Go! Pikachu or Let’s Go! Eevee.

With the Poke Ball accessory, it functions just like a Joy-Con but personally, it’s something I recommend in skipping. The only reason why the Poke Ball accessory is worth picking up is most likely in getting Mew to join your team. Assuming you haven’t transferred Mew yet in the Let’s Go! series, you still have a chance to get Mew in Pokemon Sword or Shield by simply connecting it to your game. Once you connect it, Mew will join your party!

Now, to connect the Poke Ball plus with Sword and Shield, go to the main menu screen and select the Mystery Gift option. From there, select the option to the connect to a PokeBall Plus and you will be able to download Mew into your game.

Again, you cannot get Mew if you have already transferred it to either Let’s Go! Pikachu or Eevee.