Suikoden Games now on sale on PlayStation Store

With Tokyo Game Show 2019 happening this week, Sony launched this week its PlayStation Store’s Big in Japan Sale. Classic titles like the Suikoden games are now on sale on the PlayStation Store for as low as $1.79.

Suikoden games are one of the most under-rated JRPGs that have released a few decades ago on the PlayStation and PlayStation 2. With its last title on the PSP that didn’t even make it outside Japan, many are still hoping that one day, Konami or some other developer will revive the series back. While it’s not happening anytime soon and you have a PlayStation 3, the four Suikoden games are on sale this week.

Suikoden 1 – $1.99

Description: Enter an ancient world full of bravery, mysticism, and romance as you discover your true destiny. Head up the Liberation Army and gather up to 108 companions to join you in your battles along the way, and call the shots in large-scale warfare, in this RPG of epic proportions.

Suikoden 2 – $2.99

Description: Experience an epic tale of warfare, magic, friendship and betrayal.

Suikoden 3 – $2.99

Description: Three lives from opposing forces in the Grassland War hold the fate of all living things their hands. Can these three discover the secrets of the Flame Champion, find the True Runes and fulfill their destiny to forever change history? Experience this epic tale from three opposing viewpoints.

Suikoden 4 – $2.99

A prequel to the acclaimed role-playing series Suikoden, Suikoden IV reveals the origins of the Rune of Punishment. Although set in the past, Suikoden IV has no shortage of innovation, as it features a Tactical Formation System and more than 60 playable characters. It also has some important firsts for the series – such as all travel is done by ship, and characters are imbued with actual voices – among other features.

Unfortunately, Suikoden V never made it on the PlayStation 3’s PlayStation 2 Classics. At least for $11, you can get all Suikoden games on PlayStation 3 and relive the greatness.