Wolfenstein: Youngblood – How to Unlock and Use the Doom Skins

While a lot of people are poking fun at Bethesda’s recent push for linking your gaming account with their account, there is a benefit in Wolfenstein: Youngblood. This will unlock a special power suit skin and helmet, along with a complete set of weapon skins, based off the popular franchise. However, this is a perk exclusive to Doom Slayers, so you need to join that before you can get anything from your account in Wolfenstein: Youngblood.

Start by heading here and either making or joining the Slayer Club. Existing members can skip this step, as you simply need to be a member to unlock the content. After that, boot up Wolfenstein: Youngblood and either hit the icon at the top (it’s trackpad for PlayStation) or select options and then Bethesda. After linking your account, you should get a message indicating you unlocked the skin.

Finally, when you load into an actual game you’ll be able to find the skins in your menu under character or weapon. The set is labeled To Hell and Back and has a nice Doom look to it.