Anthem’s upcoming Cataclysm Event detailed

In BioWare’s developer live stream today, new information of the upcoming Cataclysm event was detailed for Anthem.

The Cataclysm Event that will be available soon for Anthem is a limited-time end-game activity that takes place in a new setting. It will last for about six weeks and will be similar to a mini-freeplay mode. Players will load into a special map with its own overhead map broken up into different sections that can be explored in any order the players see it. The rewards waiting for players who will be participating in the event changes from week to week, as will the map. Expect more activities getting added as the weeks go on.

During the event, players’ higher score will be tallied and depending on how much they earn, there will get a reward. The higher points they achieve, the better the reward gets. In addition, the event will also have a timer countdown ticking down. As soon as the timer reaches zero, the mission ends. Players can then regain time by completing all sorts activities available on the map, like arenas, etc.

In a statement made by Ben Irving, players can look forward to several secrets and puzzles hidden throughout the map. If they somehow manage to find these hidden stuffs on the map, the more score they’ll get at the end of the mission. Luckily, there are a lot of things that can be done in each mission that will further increase the scores.

Anyone playing Anthem will be able to participate in the event. Regardless if you are new or a veteran in the game, the event is for everyone.

As soon as the Cataclysm event is released, fans can look forward to a new loot system in the game. A new vendor will be available at Fort Tarsis, who will give players war chests in exchange of a new type of currency. No word if these chests will be give random items or not.

As far as new loot goes during the Cataclysm event, it will be five levels higher than the current existing end-game gear.