Devil May Cry 5 Guide – Five Tips to Improve

What makes a fast paced action title so difficult is the need to think multiple steps ahead. It isn’t enough to execute an awesome combo or eliminate each and every enemy, you need to do so while paying close attention to everything around you. Devil May Cry 5 might have a fantastic combat system but it isn’t the most newcomer friendly title around. However, with a couple tips, you can easily go from mediocre to someone more than capable of overcoming everything it has to offer.

Your Most Useful Skill is Dodge

With the myriad of attacks, weapons, moves and inputs, it’s easy to lose sight of what matters, defense. Even though it might not result in the best ratings or coolest videos, the most common reason for death is overconfidence or negligence. Maybe you focus on doing a cool move and get hit or think you can kill an enemy before it attacks resulting in you taking a massive blow. Regardless of which you choose to do, it’s always important to pay attention to what is going on and dodge attacks whenever possible. Even if it results in the lowest possible score, winning is always better than losing, no matter how close to the goal you get.

Focus on Defensive Abilities

To further this, the most important skills are one that increase your margin of error or give you some kind of tactical advantage. These are things like longer wire snatch, table hopper, streak and things of the like. Anything that keeps you playing longer or prevents you from hard is infinitely more useful than more points for an award you’ll never get.

Juggling is Important

One of the hardest but most important skills in the game is the ability to isolate and juggle enemies. The core idea is rather simple. Take one, launch them in the air, do damage, wait for enemies and repeat. When one foe dies, simply wire snatch another and repeat until they all die. It’s a tactic that will take some trial and error but works wonders.

Don’t Be Afraid to Explore

Even if you master everything, there is no arguing more health, attacks and so forth make a difference. Sometimes it will be enough to turn tides, where as other times it just makes situations less stressful. Regardless of which it is, any advantage is better than nothing.

Play on a Higher Difficulty

It might seem counter intuitive but you learn to avoid bad habits by starting off hard. Once you get use to how everything works, what enemies can do and the best tactics for each situation, you’ll find yourself unstoppable over having to worry about an enemy launching an attack you didn’t notice.