Pokemon Let’s Go Guide – Catch Combo Rewards Detailed

One of the new features in Pokemon Let’s Go, Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee is the Catch Combos that appear whenever you catch the same Pokemon continuously.

With the game adapting the catching mechanic from Pokemon Go, it makes catching Pokemon a lot easier as you no longer need to worry about fighting the Pokemon and drop it at a certain amount of HP before catching it. That being said, you can keep catching Pokemon effortlessly as long as you have a Pokeball.

There are several benefits if you keep on catching the same Pokemon species over and over. Before getting into the benefits and rewards of continuously catching the same Pokemon over and over, let’s get into what things that can break the chain.

If you are dedicated in doing a streak of catch combos, it’s important to know what may break it. Here are the conditions:

1. Capture a different species of Pokemon – If you’re somehow on your 40th chain of catching a Pikachu in Viridian Forest and you find a rare Bulbasaur that you catch, that will break the chain.

2. Pokemon that Runs Away – It’s not always 100% guaranteed that the Pokemon in the wild can be caught in one try. Some are hard to catch while others run away. If it runs away, that will break the chain.

3. Saving and Exiting – Assuming you have been catching about 50 Pokemon already of the same species and would like to continue catching it – make sure that you don’t save and exit the game as it will break the chain. However, if you just put your Switch on Sleep Mode, it will not break the chain.

Reward: Max IVs

Now that you know the conditions on how to not break the Catch Combos chain, it’s time to talk about the rewards.

Since breeding in Pokemon games wasn’t introduced until in Gold and Silver, Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee will not have them. Instead, those who want to get a good IV in the game will have to rely on the Pokemon that you can catch.

To increase the amount of max IVs that you can get in the game, you must perform Catch Combos. The following are the amount required to get a guaranteed Max IVs.

Catch Combo of 1-10 – Guaranteed Max IV is 0
Catch Combo of 11-20 – Guaranteed Max IV is 2
Catch Combo of 21-30 – Guaranteed Max IV is 3
Catch Combo of 31-40 – Guaranteed Max IV is 4

Reward: Rare Spawns

The Pokemon that you get to see running in the wild are the normal and most common species that you can catch in the game. Well, did you know that there are certain Pokemon that are considered rare and will only spawn at a certain amount of catch combos that you do?

Depending on the amount of Catch Combos that you do, the chances of having a Rare Pokemon spawn at certain location will increase. Some of the rare Pokemon that are considered as Rare Spawn are the following: Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. A detailed guide on the Rare Spawn will be posted later this week.

Here are the amount of combos that you need in order to increase the chance of catching a Rare Pokemon:

Catch Combo of 1-5 – x2 chance
Catch Combo of 5-10 – x3 chance
Catch Combo of 11-20 – x4 chance
Catch Combo of 21-30 – x5 chance
Catch Combo of 31-40 – x6 chance
Catch Combo of 41-50 – x7 chance
and so on…

Reward: Shiny Pokemon

Another benefit of having Catch Combos go up and maintaining it is for people to catch a Shiny Pokemon. Similar to the Rare Spawns, getting a Shiny Pokemon to appear in the wild can be greatly enhanced depending on how many Catch Combos that you have.

We will discuss more about the Shinny Pokemon, and the Rare Spawn in different set of articles.