Loot Gaming June 2018 “Grub” Themed Crate Unboxing

Loot Crate has enabled us to show off the contents of June’s Loot Gaming “Grub” box.

Jumping in and looking at the food themed contents of June’s Loot Gaming Grub Crate, it included: a Chicken Dinner Pin, Loot Crate edition Halo cookie cutters, Bioshock Infinite socks, a Skyrim Apron and last, but not least, a Castelvania Wall Chicken T-Shirt. Certainly some surprises in the box, such as the Skyrim apron… but who doesn’t want inspiration from a dovahkiin when cooking? Interestingly, when the theme was announced a lot of gamers guessed the Castelvania link to food being the wall chicken, which features on the T-Shirt.

For those wondering the various Loot Crate choices ask for a apparel size if something is to be included. Loot Crate, and by extension the Loot Gaming Crate, is a monthly subscription service that bundles a range of collectibles, apparel and items of a similar theme into a box. By signing up you get a choice to pay for either a single month’s crate or for a slight discount a longer period of time. Loot Crate are keen to point out for the Loot Gaming crate they guarantee “$60+ MSRP value in every crate”, with the theme and games revealed upfront.

To purchase future crates, the upcoming crate being themed around Mass Effect, Banjo-Kazooie, Altered Beast, and Super Mario Bros, head over to Loot Crate. The current pricing for a single month of the Loot Gaming Crate is £28.00 including UK shipping.