A Leaked Photo Shows An Image For A New Xbox One Controller

The E3 2018 leaks keep on coming and it’s not even the month of June yet. The latest leak shows a new kind of Xbox One controller that Microsoft is releasing to encourage more people to play video games.

As reported by Windows Central, this new controller was leaked online via many promotional pictures. It’s expected Microsoft would have announced the new controller at E3, but it’s possible an official reveal could be coming soon thanks to this leak.

The new controller might look funny to most gamers, but this one is being designed for accessibility purposes. It might be useful for some people out there in the world that have hand injuries or are simply unable to play on the usual type of gaming controller.

As you can see from the picture posted above, this new controller has very big programmable A and B buttons. There are also other inputs on the side presumably to charge it or use a headphone with it. More details about this new Xbox One controller should be announced by Microsoft very soon.