Monster Hunter: World’s Deviljho Update is What a Free Update Should Be

In recent years we’ve seen a number negative trends, such as microtransactions, so Capcom revealing Deviljho would be free in Monster Hunter: World was a breath of fresh air.  With Monster Hunter: World already being a fantastic title, the idea of more of it was, in a word, exciting. Now that Deviljho is roaming the world, is this update a slam dunk or are we thankful they didn’t charge for it?

What stands out about Deviljho isn’t the fact we got a new monster for free, but just how much content came with it. Aside from the monster itself, two new sets of armor were added, along with one palico set, a bunch of weapons, one new mantle and even cutscenes.

That’s right, Deviljho’s special assignment includes a couple new cutscenes and dialogue for players to explore. While the content itself isn’t groundbreaking, it’s cute in its own way. Much like Deviljho itself, the handler’s uncontrollable appetite leads to her finding the aforementioned monster and ending up in a bad situation. Your job is to knock it down so she can escape, something she does at her first opportunity, followed by the typical fight.

As for Deviljho itself, the monster is not unlike Anjanath, making it a good mid-tier difficulty fight. There are some moves to look out for, including dragon breath, with the same advantages Anjanth has (size, wide hit boxes, etc). The hardest thing about Deviljho isn’t the attacks but the ability to stun rather easily. With each stomp being a devastating attack, one that feels all the more substantial with a good subwoofer, players can expect to be stunned and then hit. If you can manage this you should be successful, with the ability to change build/recruit help always being an option. After the quest a new mantle will unlock, along with the promise of more things to come.

While the total impact of Deviljho isn’t currently known, like if the weapons/armor will change builds, but what can be said is this is a fantastic update. Not just because it’s free but due to it adding story, multiple sets of armor, weapons and so much more.