The Best Video Game Story Of 2017 – Horizon: Zero Dawn

There have been a lot of great games released in 2017, that it’s hard to choose which one has the best story. We decided that Horizon: Zero Dawn earns that honor although it was not an easy decision to make.

First I’ll talk about the game that could have won in this category too. Persona 5 also had one of the best video games stories I have ever experienced since Heavy Rain. That said, Horizon pulled ahead due to the narrative being more concise.

The thing that made Horizon: Zero Dawn such an enjoyable game to play is thanks to the mystery of its story. The trailers didn’t spoil anything and even when I interviewed Guerrilla Games earlier this year, they were smart enough to keep their mouths shut.

If you have not played the game yet, you basically control the character of Aloy and she has to find out why Earth is ravaged by killer robotic animals. Playing through the story reminded me a lot about the original Planet of the Apes movie. The more clues you find, the more you realize why the Earth turned sour so to speak.

Even the character of Aloy is surprising. I don’t want to give away too much, but I will say she’s as special as Anakin Skywalker (minus the dark side part). Aloy plays an important part on trying to make Earth a safer place to live, while also at the same time finds out more about the history of the Earth itself.

The story in Horizon: Zero Dawn is so good, I don’t even think its potential sequel will be able to top it. This is because the mystery of the machines’ existence is already revealed, so the story of the sequel won’t be as mysterious or engaging.

This game is one of the few I have played to actually make me do some research and read up on the lore and its history. I loved collecting the audio logs and reading about the Earth before the robots took over.

The Frozen Wilds DLC has its own storyline, although it’s not as good as the 30 hour main game. I think I like this game’s narrative mainly because it’s unique. Not many video games or even movies have unorthodox storylines anymore.

If you have not played this game yet, you should do so now. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed by the narrative. Go play Persona 5 too while you’re at it!

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  1. Oh, I totally agree!

    At the beginning its good, but when they start unraveling what really happened, it’s mind blowing!

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