Call of Duty “Ghost” Themed Device Holder Released By EXG

Just Push Start recently received a Call of Duty “Ghost” themed device holder from EXG and the Cable Guys.

Imaged below is a 8-inch recreation of Call of Duty veteran Simon “Ghost” Riley, whom fans will remember from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Ghost is one of two Call of Duty holders, the second being Red from Call of Duty WWII, that are now available for $24.99/£24.99/€24.99 RRP.

Designed to hold a phone or controller, as the box art suggests it is designed with an Xbox One controller in mind. This isn’t to say that it cannot hold a PlayStation 4 controller though the fit isn’t as snug. Conversely, the Xbox One controller slots perfectly into Ghost’s hands and is an eye-catching desk ornament when in use or not.

I’ve been using the Ghost Cable Guy next to my PC for a few days now and have already got into the rhythm of taking the controller out of Ghost’s hands and replacing it with my phone while I play. Charging is made easy with a 3-meter charging cable which has adapters for micro USB and Apple devices. I’ve found it is a little more aesthetically pleasing to charge a phone, when in the stand. The charging cable can be passed through the legs of Ghost and is just that bit more hidden away.

Here’s a quick gallery of the EXG & Cable Guys product, with a glimpse at the limited edition mini Red device holder: