Rumor: Nintendo Is Planning On Revealing New Hardware At E3


While Nintendo just revealed their plans for E3 the other day, including once again skipping out on having an actual conference, a major rumor has begun to circulate around. A few months ago rumors surfaced that Nintendo would be bringing a dual console and handheld system to show off, but nothing ever came of that. However, now more substantial rumors have begun to arise about Nintendo possibly unveiling some sort of new hardware at the convention.

During the most recent IGN Nintendo Voice Chat, IGN Editor Jose Otero said the following: “We’ve heard rumors that Nintendo might be showing hardware at E3.” IGN’s Peer Schneider further strengthened this rumor by saying:

They’re absolutely going to show new hardware this year…No doubt in my mind that something… ‘Cause I’ve heard from multiple people now. I’ve heard from someone who used to be at Nintendo, I’ve heard it from somebody on the third-party front.

Video Gamer also reported that a “third-party” source had given them similar information. This could all be a big pile of nothing, but it’s still intriguing to talk about, especially if it’s a console.