Rumor: Saints Row V in Development; Direction Being Discussed


Saints Row V might be in development via a report from GamersSphere. These “earlier reports” came in the form of a tweet from Jay Mohr in December which stated that voice work was in progress for the yet-to-be-announced title. Now we have a few other details, although the following is unconfirmed.

The developers and writers are tossing around ideas for where to take their wacky fifth installment, with popular 2013/2014 movie parodies ranking high on the “must have” list. Although the direction hasn’t been set, it seems a more futuristic presidential outing is in the cards. Given that Saints Row IV saw a slew of aliens and a Matrix-like world, one can only wonder what this means for the series. Hopefully we won’t be left in the dark too much longer regarding our purple-clad gang’s next adventure.