Dark Souls II Coming to PC Via Steam in April


Siliconera posted an advert for Dark Souls II that has raised many eyebrows. While promotional pictures for the upcoming game wouldn’t normally cause much ruckus, this one depicts the yet-to-be-revealed PC version of Dark Souls II. According to the picture, we can expect to see Bandai Namco bring the game to PC via Steam on April 25th.

In addition to optimizing the game for mouse and keyboard, From Software has achieved four times the resolution found on the game’s console counterpart and easily hit 60FPS. There are also plans to release a collector’s edition that comes packed with the Black Armor Weapon DLC, a t-shirt, an art book and a cloth map.

Dark Souls II’s PC version originally had a placeholder date of May 31st. We will just have to wait and see if Bandai confirms this new, earlier date.