Looks Like There Won’t Be A Project Gotham Racing Game On Xbox One


Microsoft has revealed it is not currently in development on any Project Gotham Racing title at the moment.

A fan asked Phil Spencer on twitter about the future of the Project Gotham Racing franchise:

We aren’t currently working on PGR. I really liked the franchise, really just down to # of racing franchises.

Spencer went on to say that the fan should get Need for Speed: Rivals as an alternative for an arcade-type racer on Xbox One. It seems like that Microsoft is concentrating with the Forza franchise alternating between the numbered sequels and the sub-Horizon series.

Project Gotham Raving started way back on the original Xbox console and had four great games. The game’s developer Bizarre Creations worked for Activision before they closed the studio in 2010.

Microsoft still owns the rights to Project Gotham Racing, but it looks like it’ll have to find a new developer for the series if it were to be revived for the Xbox One.