Top 5 Games for your new Nintendo 2DS

Nintendo 2DS

On October 12th, the next iteration of the Nintendo 3DS will finally arrive in the form of the Nintendo 2DS. Those who disliked the 3D idea but would like to play the 3DS games available will have an alternative and that’s by getting the cheaper Nintendo 2DS. Without 3D, there’s no doubt 3DS games will still look fine and for those who have decided to to pick up the 2DS this Saturday, just what games can they get with their shiny new handheld?

Below are the top five picks that new Nintendo 2DS owners should pick up:

#5: Super Mario 3D Land

Nintendo 2DS - Super Mario 3D Land

It’s been over a decade since Nintendo fans have seen the last Super Mario Land game. Those who want to relive the classic Super Mario Land games with a twist of modernized gameplay, Super Mario Land 3D will give you just that. Mario fans who are fond of both Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Land gameplay will find the 3D Land the game they’re looking for as the mix of gameplay suits perfectly to those who have been craving for a Mario game that guarantees to give us excitement and fun.