Rebellion Reveals Sequel To Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army

NZA2Rebellion, an independent UK developer, has just announced that a sequel to Steam best-seller Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army is already in development.

Offering gamers two things in Rebellion’s words “New campaign. New terrors” Nazi Zombie Army 2 follows Karl Fairburne and his three allies during their journey across Berlin. Launched back in February the original NZA was a spin off from the usual games in the Sniper Elite franchise, with much less attention to realism and plenty to zombie awesomeness. With the original being only released on PC many gamers felt unloved by Rebellion but this could be changing with the next generations of consoles. Rebellion seems to be strongly hinting at a possible console release in the below statement they released alongside the announcement:

“We have to admit, we underestimated the demand for the original game. All of sudden we had console gamers desperate for us to port the game to 360 and PS3, but without a publisher this just wasn’t feasible. We left a lot of Sniper Elite fans disappointed. They didn’t want to hear excuses from us, they just wanted to play it. As an independent, we’re obviously really excited about what we’re hearing from Sony and Microsoft when it comes to self publishing on PS4 and Xbox One. We think the series could be a great fit for them.”