Saints Row IV Preview: Crackdown on Extraterrestrials


America, f*ck yeah! No line better represents the opening sequence of Saints Row IV, one which sees your character (the leader of the now widely known Saints gang) and other familiar faces partaking in a mission revolving around counter-terrorism. Stereotypical terrorists pour out and the suited Saints’ leader dispatches them in flashy, over-the-top ways. It kicks things off with that near-superhuman feel of Saints Row 3 given the insanity on-screen, both in cutscenes and gameplay. The whole endeavor wraps up with a last-ditch effort nuclear rocket ride played out to the tune of I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing by Aerosmith. And, to no one’s surprise, you survive the explosion AND the fall, landing square in the Oval Office of the White House. Congratulations, you saved the world. What do you have planned next, Mr. (or Ms.) President?

Apparently these plans include pimping out the White House, bringing in fellow gang members as advisers, purchasing an indoor tiger and, oh yeah, being the most unpopular president of all time. The general public doesn’t think to highly of my Saints-turned-president and, fortunately, Keith David (voice actor for Julius) has my back and provides two options to choose between: cure cancer or solve world hunger? I’m presented with two different button prompts to lock in my decision. Cancer had a good run. Either should drastically improve the citizens’ view of me anyways, right? Next up, Congress. They aren’t too happy with me either. The solution? A punch to the groin or the face. Sometimes it’s okay to take the low road, which I did. Finally, I run into Nyte Blade star, Josh Birk. He’s looking to party, but am I? Not exactly. I awkwardly side step him and leave him hanging. No high fives this time.


It’s a brief but hilarious section that brings that beloved Saints humor. The laughs come to an abrupt hault, however, as everything goes Independence Day. Suddenly all of my fellow Saints are being beamed up into the sky and its up to me, the president, to step in and hold of the attackers. Zinyak is the extraterrestrial leader and he’s about ready to make all of us his bitch. Despite getting a few good blows in, my Nolan North-voiced Saint can’t match his power. Oh, did I forget to mention that Nolan North is the special voice in Saints Row IV? Yeah, you won’t have the option of grumbling as a zombie this time around. Surprisingly, Nolan North sounds pretty good in this role.