Playing Deus Ex: The Fall on Jailbroken Devices Will Disable Your Guns

Deus Ex The Fall

If you somehow have a jailbroken iOS device, you might want to skip Deus Ex: The Fall as there’s some sort of anti-piracy measure in place, regardless if you purchase it legitimately.

According to the people who purchased the game legitimately on the App Store and own a jailbroken device, the ability to use the guns in-game will be disabled. As soon as the prologue cutscene takes place and you enter the tutorial section, a prompt saying “We are sorry but you can’t fire on jailbroken devices” will appear.

While not everyone who jailbreaks their iOS devices are pirates, it’s somewhat sad that those people paying for the game are treated like this. I don’t blame Eidos or Square Enix on this action as they simply want to protect their game, although it would be nice at least to have them state on the description that those who have a jailbroken device will not be able to play the game.

Here’s what some people has to say about these issues on the game user reviews via the AppStore:

$7 for a game that doesn’t work on jail broken devices. No warning in App Store description

I understand protecting the app against cracking/pirating, but preventing paying customers from playing on a device they own and legally modified is ridiculous.

Check back with us later this week for our review of Deus Ex: The Fall. Stay tuned.

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