What is Limbo Like On PS Vita?


Limbo is a fun puzzle platform game that was originally released back in 2010. It was originally only released for on XBLA before getting ported to many other platforms. This year however, the game finally goes portable as Limbo is now available to purchase and download on the PS Vita.

If you haven’t played Limbo before, don’t be fooled by its very simplistic appearance. Sure everything is in black and white, but the true gem lies within its gameplay. Limbo is a type of game that makes you think if you want to go ahead. This isn’t a mindless 2D side-scrolling game.

The game starts off immediately as you take control of a young boy. His journey is a dangerous one because you will encounter enemies and obstacles that can kill you at every turn. This could be a giant spider coming to get you or even just water since the boy is unable to swim.

It may sound simple enough, but the puzzles come frequently and sometimes you may even find yourself clueless on what to do next. One of the my favorite moments came early on in the game. You had to get a hamster wheel going, but the hamster would run away from you. I initially had no idea what to do until I saw something glowing. I realized this was “food” for the hamster so I lured him out and he eventually ran on the wheel.

Another thing to take note about Limbo is that you will die pretty often. It is a trial and error type of gameplay sometimes because some traps are hard to notice when you first play through the game. I remember getting crushed by boulders multiple times and drowning too.

What is Limbo like on PS Vita? Well this is the slightly disappointing part because it’s exactly the same game as the original versions. The game makes no use of the PS Vita’s touch screens and nor is there any new added content in this version either.

One other thing that bugged me about Limbo on the PS Vita is how dark the game can get. Even when I turned the brightness up to maximum, the game still looked too dark for my taste. I do feel that the PS Vita screen is too shiny ti display a game that is grainy and dark like this.

That’s pretty much all there is to say about Limbo on PS Vita. Just Push Start has reviewed the game multiple times already and it’s great. The only thing I would add is that you should only get the PS Vita version of Limbo if you have not played the game already. Since there is no unique features that separate it from any other versions out there.