No Official South African Teams In Rugby Challenge 2

No South Africa In Rugby Challenge 2

South African rugby fans will not be happy to know that official teams from the country will not be featuring in Rugby Challenge 2.

The official Rugby Challenge 2 Facebook page posted the following:

“For the many South African and global fans asking, we want to confirm that Rugby Challenge 2 will NOT feature any official South African licenses. We recognise the importance of South Africa to the sport of rugby union, and hope that official international and club licenses can be included in a future iteration of the game.”

To my knowledge, the reason why South African licenses aren’t included in the game is because a rival Rugby game holds their license. The official South African licenses last featured in the Rugby World Cup 2011 video game.

Rugby Challenge 2 will feature a lot of other licensed teams from around the world such as the All Blacks, the Wallabies and many more.

The game is due for release sometime later this year for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

4 thoughts on “No Official South African Teams In Rugby Challenge 2

  1. Springbok fans should be pissed with EA for buying up licenses so they could put out a non-PC version of Rugby 08 with only one game mode and most national licenses. Emphasises that EA are one of the laziest game developers out there with more money than sense. Huge fan of the first Rugby Challenge, really hope Ireland gave Sidhe a license this time.

  2. Dont worry sidhe… Rc 2 will be on my to buy list this year , looking forward.

  3. It’s not really EA’s fault. They just saw the gap. I will blame SARU for selling the license to EA. These guys have no clue about gaming and what the fans really wants. All they worry about is the big cheque from the developers.

    I really hope that SARU will wake up and offer the license to a development company like Sidhe.

  4. Well ….. At least with the exclusion of South Africa the aussies stand a chance of winning.

    A rugby game without the powerhouse of the sport just aint a real game

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