Limbo Coming to PS Vita

Limbo was the 2010’s smash indie hit from developer PlayDead Studios. The game was all about minimalistic story telling through the use of monochrome imagery, and the constant fear of death around every corner. Today PlayDead released the news that Limbo will be coming to the Playstation Vita. While no official release date was given, it will be very interesting to see if PlayDead has intergrated any of the Vita’s unique capabilities into the game.

Studio head Dino Patti has stated previously that their next project, only known as ‘Project 2’, is aiming to be much stranger than Limbo was. ‘Project 2’ has been in production for over two years now, so could this be a plan to stir new interest in the studio right before announcing their new title? Only time will tell; until then, we can all enjoy Limbo on the go with the PS Vita.