Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Demo – Hands On Gameplay

With Rayman Legends being delayed till September and going multiplatform, interest in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is at an all time high in the States. Now that the demo is finally out and available for download off the Nintendo eshop, is Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate the title Wii U owners are waiting for?

Despite Monster Hunter being a fantastic series, the demo is actually pretty lack luster. Not only does the demo gloss over everything you can do in the village (weapon crafting, farming, etc), it doesn’t even explain how you actually play the game. Naturally this has lead to several fans being unsure of what to do, which is never the sign of a good demo. With that being said, the demo still gives you an idea of what to expect from Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. If you would like to check it out yourself, you can find my so so attempt at the easy quest below. Also don’t forget to check back closer to the release for our full review.