Retro City Rampage Brings the Mayhem to Xbox 360

Retro City Rampage’s creator Brian Provinciano plans on kicking off the new year by bringing his chaotic downloadable title to Xbox 360 owners. Starting January 2nd of 2013, Xbox 360 gamers can riot through the streets of Theftropolis and bask in its charming, nostalgic style and humor.

This version of Retro City Rampage benefits from “an additional month of development, polish, tuning and improvements”. It is worth noting that these are the same tweaks that hit the PlayStation 3 and PC versions of the game back in October. While a specific date wasn’t provided in Provinciano’s announcement, RCR was said to also be coming to PS3’s in Europe and Asia as well as WiiWare in January.

One thought on “Retro City Rampage Brings the Mayhem to Xbox 360

  1. Actually it is not the same twaeks released in October on other systems, these twaeks extend the game and improve features that end users picked on but complained to the dev that it didnt se the features enough so he delay xbox360 and PS3/PSVita on euro psn to add such features

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