Dishonored – Chaos System Changes Detailed

In the world of Dishonored, you have two choices: be aggressive and kill everyone that comes your way or be sneaky, leaving no trace behind. While it’s hard to be really sneaky in Dishonored, many will may give up and take the path of aggressiveness. Since the game gives us the option to use whatever strategy we like, taking the path of the blood and killing everyone will have some consequences. Aside from killing the enemies, those who decide to kill NPCs as well will receive a much greater challenge. The more NPCs you kill, the higher Chaos score you get.

The Chaos System is unique to Dishonored. The more NPCs you kill, the higher the Chaos score. When you gain enough points, the world around you will become hostile and other noticeable aspects will change. If you have a a high Chaos score, here are some of the gameplay changes you can expect:

– More civilians or other NPCs will be turned into Weepers
– Expect more rats running around. Be careful!
– Different security system set ups.
– Somewhat different NPC conversations and scenes.
– More guards will be present.
– Final mission will change dramatically.

Since the amount of Chaos points you have isn’t readily available for viewing, the only way to know where you stand is through the end mission results screen. Your Chaos rating should show up indicating whether you have a ‘low’ or ‘high’ Chaos score. If at some point your Chaos score is really high, you can lower it by doing good deeds. An example of this is helping out a NPC being harassed by the guards. If you take the guard down in a non-lethal way, your Chaos score will lower by a bit. If you ignore the NPC and let the guard kill them, your Chaos score will go up.

Dishonored’s world is always changing. One play through is sure to differentiate itself from the second (or third) due to these ever-changing factors that directly affect the gameplay.