Michael Phelps is Quite the Modern Gamer, It Seems

In an interview that was held with swimmer Michael Phelps recently, many topics were discussed. Among them, one was video games, and to some, the questions and answers may be quite interesting.

After being asked what his primary game console was, which turned out to be Xbox 360, Phelps was then asked about his most common game. This may or may not surprise people, but he claimed that it was Call of Duty, which he finds himself playing “like 30 hours a week”.

Yeah, people don’t know it’s mine. I just get crushed. I always find myself getting heated, trash talking. And you know it’s a 10-year-old kid on the other line that just demolished me. It’s so frustrating. But it is fun, and I’m very competitive in everything I do.

It’s times like these where we come to realize that big stars and teenagers are not so different after-all, after reviewing the above comment.

Source: ThePostGame