Will Ryback Be In WWE ’13?

The official WWE Universe twitter page tweeted that it wants Ryback to be in WWE ’13. Is this an indication he will be in the game eventually?

WWE Universe tweeted:

“RT if you want ‪#RybackForWWE13‬! ‪#RAW‬ @WWEGames”

WWE usually only includes wrestlers who have been on the roster during WrestleMania time. Ryback made his debut after this so it’s possible he’s not in the game yet. THQ might include him as DLC if he becomes popular enough to do so.

Would you like to see Ryback in WWE ’13?

10 thoughts on “Will Ryback Be In WWE ’13?

  1. i hope so too.

    cant wait till he gets into normal matches and not these squash matches he is having, even though he is impressive in them.
    love how he lifts the 2 guys and does that move to them at the same time.

  2. RYBACK RYBACK RYBACK He must be in WWE 13 because he is definately the future fan favorite of WWE. Me and my mom are fans of him. FEED US RYBACK For WWE 13

  3. Ryback needs to be on WWE 13 he is now one of the most populare wrestlers in the wwe and im sure he could beat most wrestlers in the wwe

  4. Ryback has got to be in the game he’s one of the reasons why I would bye it plus he’s a beast “feed me more”

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