E3 2012: Playstation All-Stars Battle Royal Hands-On

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royal will leave a bad taste in your mouth. It is a concept that sounds like a great deal of fun…until you get your hands on the controller. Once you actually get put into the action, you will find that it is nothing more than a terrible Super Smash Bros. clone that does not even come close to surpassing it. Kratos was the only good character and that was because he was the only character that could string a decent combo. Radec was highly imbalanced and another player simply sat in a corner spamming the same move over and over again until he won.

With All-Stars, players must activate a special in order to score a kill on their opponents. This completely throws skill out of the window in favor of mindless button mashing in order to achieve that highest special meter level. On top of that the levels are so small that once a character activates his special it is near impossible to avoid. That player is given three kills regardless of his skill with the game. Not to mention that it is an instant K.O. You will have no way to recover from the attack like you can in SSB. When I played against someone who picked Big Daddy, he activated his special and was able to knock out everyone multiple times just by jumping around since the level was so small.

The four levels that were included in the demo were way to small to host four players. The levels made it way too easy for players to get kills with any of their specials. They also seemed very flat and offered nothing in the way of protection from other players’ specials. There were barely any platforms and what few were in the level could not provide a way to escape from the specials. The level designs leave much to be desired and hopefully they will see the flaws in them and make them a little larger before the game releases later this year.

In the end this is a party game that should provide enjoyment for everyone and a sense of skill and accomplishment when you win. Instead I found no enjoyment in playing this game and no sense of accomplishment or skill in getting first place. I felt as if getting it was a matter of luck and spamming on whatever buttons you could as fast as you can. Trying to play the game with skill is met by the inability to string a combo and clunky combat.

3 thoughts on “E3 2012: Playstation All-Stars Battle Royal Hands-On

  1. How long did you have to play the game? Is it possible that the game has more depth than you were able to discover in the limited amount of time that you played it?

    I have to admit that I’m very nervous about it after seeing the gameplay demo, since I was hoping it would be much more like Smash Brothers than it appears to be, but I’d like to give it a chance since I’m completely fed up with Nintendo.

  2. We were given 3 matches to play so I was able to play as three different characters. I got pretty familiar with the game in the time I was given and it seemed like what I saw was all it had to offer, though it is possible that there could have been more.

    I also thought it would be similar to Super Smash Bros and was excited to play it but found the experience underwhelming and disappointing. I know the game is still a ways off but it seemed like the issues I had with it were cemented pretty deep.

  3. I know how you feel, even if I haven’t touched it. I remember another party brawler that used specials as a winning sign, and it almost ruined the game with that alone. We need a real health system. Smash bros brought a nice idea to it by giving us a damage build up, and I was really hoping sony would do the traditional health style to give us the flip side of the idea. But no, they went with a “punch until your meter is full and blows everyone away” style that makes no sense. I honestly wouldn’t even allow such an idea to leave the discussion room if I were sony. I was shaking my head as soon as I heard about this style. At the very least, they should rip off smash bros and just give us a full smash bros clone with a sony cast. I’d prefer a health bar style, but anything is better than a stupid victory by finisher.

    We badly need party brawlers, and sony has the best potential to be a party brawling amazement. Yet, they are going down a very foolish road right now if you ask me.

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