E3 2012: Hells Yeah! Hands On

After finding some succcess with simple games like Pixel, Jump and Swap, Arkedo Games is back with their latest title, Hells Yeah! With only some rather hectic trailers to go off of, it’s quite hard to tell just what the game is about. Thankfully Sega was delighed to show off this quirky title, but is it all flash or is that just the icing?

The game starts with a brief introduction to the story. Simply put, Ash us found playing with a rubber duckie and quickly becomes a joke. Enraged at the whopping 100 people that saw it, he takes off in a quest to kill them all in hopes to reclaim his bad ass status. Sure it’s not the greatest story, but it’s basically just a premise.

After this you start on your quest, but it quickly downs on you that you lack the power to do so. Thankfully one of your minion is there to give you a gift, which will allow you to attack your enemies. With this you finally have the saw blade and you’re ready to destroy those 100 demons. From here the game quickly becomes a action platformer, which is shockingly fun.

What makes Hells Yeah so much fun is actually rather simple, it’s just over the top. Every area has a number of unique demons (who get named and a backstory) that you will need to kill. Some are simple, like having them run into acid, but others are pretty hard. Regardless of the difficulty, they all have recieve a special finisher.

Every finish is just simply epic. These can range from running someone over, then driving in reverse several times over their body, to pplaying a game of Space Invaders. Most of them are a reference to something, but tthey’re all quite epic. Sadly some repeat, but there are at least 10 possible moves.

Besides these bosses, there are a number of little enemies you need to fiight. At the start you’re limited to your blade, but later on you can use a rocket or machine gun. These work by aiming with the right  thumbstick, so these shouldn’t be anything new, As you level more weapons can be bought, which each has a use in some situation. Additionally the customization isn’t limited to your weapons, so you can buy several items to dress Ash up the way you want to.

While this might not sound great on paper, I found myself shocked that I had played it for an hour. All of thesee elements work together to make a delightfully quirky game, which is further enhanced by the insane finishers. To put it simply, you have to give this title a chance. Arkedo has made some fantastic games, but this is easily their best.