E3 2012: Hatsune Miku Not Likely For North American Release

As you may have read in an earlier article by one of our writers, Grant Gaines, there is a demo of the lastest Hatsune Miku game at E3 this year. This would seem like a good sign that there will indeed be a stateside release, but it appears that this is false, for the time being.

When asked at E3 about the title being released outside of Japan, a representative for Sega confirmed that the game is simply available for demonstration purposes. He added to this by saying that there are no current plans to release the game in North America. This all seems a bit strange after seeing Hatsune Miku in Sony’s latest PS Vita gameplay montage, which can be seen below.

Though this is currently as true as it will likely get, don’t forget that the Playstation Vita is not region locked. This means that if you are willing, you can import the game and play it. Beware of downloadable content, though.


One thought on “E3 2012: Hatsune Miku Not Likely For North American Release

  1. I cannot wait for my Limited Edition Hatsune Miku Vita. August can’t come soon enough. I’m about a month away (less if my mom buys something offa me) from having enough for it, though I’ll be saving more from each paycheck for more stuff. BRING IT ON VITA! ^.^

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