Portal 2 P-Body Portal Device Replica Coming This Summer

As we previously saw with the first iteration of the Portal device replicas, they are very limited quantity. Well nothing is changing here with NECA initiating round two of their replica building. They are now proud to announce the P-Body themed portal device replica, which will be available this summer.

As with the last version of the Portal device, these will also be rather limited. This version of the Portal device themed after P-Body’s device in the game will see 5,000 made. For those of you that wanted to get one of these very limited items, NECA claims “we’ll do our best to make sure it reaches those who were not able to purchase the original replica”. The retailers that you will be able to purchase this item from will be revealed next week, so stay frosty!

As it should be noted for those who like to speculate, the page says that this is the “1st Co-op Edition”. Could it be that there will soon-after be an Atlas themed Portal device? Either way, have a look at the video below if you’d like to have a preview of this version of the Portal device.

Source: NECA