Jay Wilson Shoots Down Suggestions That Diablo III Should Have Gone First or Third Person

Games in the Diablo franchise have always had an Isometric camera view. To assume that this third game would be developed in any other way is quite a crazy idea. However, it seems that some of the staff at blizzard don’t really agree with that.

When the game was in early development and the design team was tossing around ideas. One person suggested that the game go a completely different path. When Game director Jay Wilson heard the idea he shot it down immediately. This information comes by way of an interview he did with Games On Net.

“Very early on in the process we had some people who argued that we should not make the game isometric, that it would be better technology, more modern, if we made a third or first-person game,” said Wilson.

“I really would have nothing of it. For me a camera is not a technology choice, there’s more than enough first and third-person games out there.”

Diablo 3 will be releasing on May 15th for PC. Stay tuned to Just Push Start for our review on the game.