Awesomenauts Trophy / Achievement Guide

With Awesomenauts free for plus members this month, there are a number of gamers looking for the best way to finish this game. Unlike most digital titles, this is a fairly straightforward list, though there are some quick methods to make some harder tasks easier. If you follow the tips listed below, then you should have no issues getting 100% in 10 or so hours.


Yoooo JOE!

Win an online game session.

Awesomenauts is coded in a weird way. While you can of course play properly and have a 50% chance of getting it every game, you can also avoid the hassle with a private game. Here you will just fight bots and it will boot even if you’re alone. If you’re still having problems, find a friend with 3 controllers and have him lock out the enemy team. With him doing nothing as those characters, you should automatically win. You can also try to use Yuri and attack from out of the turrets range. This is an extremely cheap tactic that will work on the AI.

Wings of Silver

Collect 35 Solar on a drop-pod drop.

The “drop-pod drop” is what they call respawning. When you fall from the ship you’re able to grab roughly 37 solar or xp per fall. Every level has a set design, so you can memorize it. I strongly suggest playing on any level, but Al Station 404 for it. If you’re having serious problems finishing this task, then please check out my video below of me performing it.

Slimer’s Evil Twin

Kill the Solar boss in an online game session.

On Ribbit IV or the first stage you have unlocked in practice, you will see these horned enemies in the middle of the map. After about 3 minutes of play, there will be a boss on the far left / right of this area. These guys do insane amounts of damage and regenerate quickly. I found it was more than possible with most characters, though I suggest Yuri. If you’re having problems doing this right, see the video below of how to kill him without taking damage.

Awesomenauts, Roll Out!

Unlock 3 characters.

Simply make it to level 11. If you’re having problems doing this, play online in private matches and do everything in your power to win. This is a fixed 5,000 points and will give you level 11 in no more than 22 games.

Bionic Family

Win game sessions with six different characters.

Win a match with every character. This can be done in practice, though it might be easier if you play via private with a friend. Have them do all the heavy lifting as you just try to get some xp.