Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention Giveaway (Completed)

If you have purchased a PlayStation Vita, then you have no doubt noticed the lack of RPGs for the handheld device. This can be disappointing, especially to long-time fans of the genre, but NISA is here to help. Not only are they releasing the first PS Vita RPG in the US this April 17thDisgaea 3: Absence of Detention, but they’re also giving us a couple retail copies to give out to everyone.

What if you’ve already played Disgaea 3 on the PS3? Well, you’re in luck! Not only does Absence of Detention offer a plethora of new content, it also includes all of the DLC released for the PS3 version for FREE. If you would like to get in on this sweet deal, then simply follow the directions below to give yourself a chance to win a copy of Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention.


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  3. Leave a comment below and tell us why you’re the biggest fan of the Disgaea series as well as what NISA title you’re looking forward to next.


Two will be selected to receive a copy of Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention for the PlayStation Vita.


  • Winners must be 18 years or older and a resident of the United States.
  • Anyone found cheating will automatically be disqualified.
  • All previous followers will automatically be entered.
  • This contest will last till 12:01 AM PST on April 17th 2012.
  • Winners are only given one day to accept their prize. Failure to do so will cause you to automatically forfeit your prize and another user will be drawn.
  • This prize is limited to the Playstation Vita only.
  • To play this game you need a Vita memory card.
  • Make sure to use valid contact information (ex: your name, email address, etc).

Editor’s Note: We would like to thank NIS America for providing the prizes for this contest. Want to show your appreciation to NIS America? Go follow them on Twiter or give them a LIKE via Facebook! I’m sure the prinnies will be uber happy.


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102 thoughts on “Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention Giveaway (Completed)

  1. I like on Facebook and follow on Twitter (@FrankKerner)

    My friend first got me into Disgaea on the PS2. We’d stay up for hours grinding and grinding. I’d be in awe at just how awesome he got at the game and I thought I could never get to that level, but one day I surpassed him (this wasn’t until I got a PSP, though!)

    Disgaea also gave me my best gaming memory: sitting around at 3 in the morning, tired out of our minds, my friend and I decided to go to one of the highest levels on the game. He was only level 1400 or so I believe. Utter insanity.

  2. I am the biggest fan because i have been dying for some RPG love for the vita and I love NISA i will have every game they come out with installed on a 32 GB memory card and it will not leave the vita so thank you guys for the contest for me to have the chance to get the first one at no cost.

  3. Liked on Facebook, followed as @thegeo.

    I’m the biggest fan of Disgaea because of my army of plush Prinnies that will destroy my enemies from when the store was still rosenqueen.com, I also have the full doublejump books strategy guide set of the series, and the PSP guides too! I imported the Japanese Limited Edition of Disgaea 3 because I couldn’t wait for the US release, and I don’t even *read* Japanese, and that was an expensive import!

  4. My facebook is Aaron Mac and twitter is @Joker13z. I liked on both :)

    I love the disgaea series for the clever humor and ridiculous amounts of gameplay! I currently have Disgaea 1 and 2 on my Vita and would love to have 3 on there as well!

    The next games i’m looking forward to from them are actually the 3 upcoming ps3 exclusives. I just recently got my hands on a ps3 and can’t wait to fill it with more NIS goodness!

  5. Liked on FB and followed on Twitter as @MystOfHell (I actually just created an account for the first time 5min ago to enter this. You are my only follow atm…)

    I have been playing Disgaea since the first one. I too have downloaded Disgaea 1&2 on my PS Vita. I have been waiting for the third installment to make it’s way to the PS Vita for quite awhile.

    And the game I am most looking forward to from NISA would be my Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland Limited Edition: Grand Finale Set.

  6. I loved these games because they’re all fun!

    I liked on Facebook and followed as @XFactor_Box

  7. It seems Nippon Ichi Software are preparing 3 exclusives for PS3, i can’t wait to dust off my Playstation 3 while i play to the wonderfull Disgaea 3 on my new Vita. I hope a Prinny game could be released as a PS Store game, thes guys are teh best.

    My twitter is Gizounours & my Facebook is Xavier P.

    Good luck to everyone and let the lucky one wins :)

  8. I loved NIS America games (especially on portables) because they are always witty and funny. i also love the turn that nis is making with disgaea 4 in making a more serious story with the witty humor still intact.

  9. I love the humor in the Disgaea games. It seems simple to have your games be funny, but NIS is apparently one of only a handful that isn’t making overly-dramatic games these days. For that, I respect NIS America highly and eagerly await every game they release.

    The next NIS America release I’m looking forward to is the next Atelier game. I love that series.

  10. 1) Liked on facebook: #994 I might add, nice! (my profile: http://goo.gl/YIyTI)
    2) following on twitter: @GamingPhysique
    3) I’m the biggest fan because I’ve played all the games, and read/watched any manga and anime to date, and can’t wait to get a format for a new portable!


  11. Liked on Facebook and followed on Twitter as: ImpurePhoen1x

    I like Disgaea because as much as American made games now seem to dominate the market, it’s refreshing to play something uniquely Japanese once in a while, especially since this series is so in depth and can definitely help you kill a lot of boredom. It also doesn’t hurt that I’m a long time JRPG fan (first title was Riviera….such good times) as well as a huge fan of anime.

    I’m not going to pretend I’m the biggest NIS fan since outside of Disgaea I’m not very familiar with their titles (more of an Atlus Games guy) but from what I know I’m interested in two upcoming titles, Mugen Souls and The Witch and The Hundred Knights

  12. I like disgaea because it’s a fresh take on a srpg game, not many american games really do that genre, and a lot less do it well. The disgaea series really takes it to another level and has great replayability. It will be even better on the vita because you can do some grinding while out and about :D

  13. A Facebook like and a twitter follow (thrill76) have been done!

    After playing Disgaea 3 on the PS3 at a buddies house, I was hooked! Now that I am a proud owner of a PS Vita, the wait is almost over for me to jump back into the evil academy and I couldn’t be more stoked!! The combat, the characters, I love it all, DOOD!! I am not that familiar with other NISA titles but if they are anything like Disgaea, I am sure I would be open to anything they put out.

  14. Following on twitter, but I am not on FB.
    I loved the first Disgaea on PS2, so I would really love another Disgaea game to play.

  15. too bad they didnt do a part 3 and part 4 into one game cart …cant wait for the game to hit

  16. Followed on FB and Twitter (@vader582):
    I’m really looking forward to this game. I’d love to be able to cancel my preorder and win it!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  17. I’ve played every single Disgaea game including the spinoffs (Prinny and Makai Kingdom). Looking forward to Disgaea 3 on the go.

  18. Liked on FB, following on twitter @ProvokedCashew.

    I love Disgaea and Prinny so much, I work Dood! into almost every conversation I have.
    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to my 99 Prinnies.

    I’m just holding my breath for Prinny 3! :D

  19. Can’t tell you that I’m the biggest fan of the Disgaea series, but I absolutely love the genre of the game. My favorite part of the game is probably the Prinny humor dood!
    As of now, I’m looking forward to the North American release of Mugen Souls. I really enjoy the art style NISA puts into their games and combine that with an awesome battle system and its a must buy game.


  20. I am the biggest Disgaea fan ever because I’m currently planning out ideas for making a Prinny suit for next year’s Sakura-Con. As for what game I’m looking forward to next – that’s easy. I’m eagerly anticipating the newest Nippon Ichi game starring Asagi!


  21. I love Disgaea for its characters and all the humor they add into it :)

    Currently looking forward to the NISA release of Atelier Meruru Premium Edition coming out next month!

    Not sure if I need to leave my twitter/facebook names but I did follow/like on both.

  22. What is not to love of about the disgaea series…when you spend 40 hours in the first section of the game just to level up…

  23. I love the Disgaea games so much that i have imported the Japanese versions of these great games. They are some of the best games that i have ever played. I am also very excited for Mugen Souls as well as The Witch and The Hundred Knights.

  24. A huge draw for me to attend Anime Expo 2011 last summer was that fact that a Guest of Honor was Souhei Niikawa, the creator of Disgaea & the president of NIS!

    As for a NISA title I’m most excited about, that has to go to Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland. The game looks both fun and pretty!

  25. I’ve loved the style and appeal of Disgaea since the first one on PS2. I’ve always appreciated the attention to detail of maintaining the original feel of the Japanese version (which most companies don’t seem to care about) and the iconic characters that have made their way into all kinds of other games and spin-offs.

    The next NISA game I’m really looking forward to is Atelier Meruru. I’ve come to love the charm of the series and how different it is from other RPGs released here in the US. The special editions are awesome too.

  26. I am the biggest fan of Disgaea because I’ve been following the game and series ever since Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. I love each and everyone of the characters as well as the silly Prinnys d00d! Ive been dying to play a PSVita JRPG and I was stocked to hear that Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention was announce for it. The next game I’m looking forward to from NISAmerica is The Witch and The Hundred Knights :D

  27. Liked on FB and followed @zeroxharuhi.

    I’m the biggest Disgaea fan because I’ve bought every single Disgaea game including all of the handheld ports, and I would love to add Disgaea 3 AoD to my collection. I’m looking forward to the next Atelier game and Disgaea 4 on the Vita eventually.

  28. Commanding an army of flat chested mages to dominate the field never gets old, even since I started doing that on Disgaea 1. People think I’m crazy but it works, and it’s sooo much fun.

    Can’t wait to get Atelier Meruru when that comes out!

  29. I am the biggest fan because I have yet to purchase all of your games… Okay, call it future potential. I’ve played the first Disgaea and loved it, but have since fallen into an abyss of not having games. My backlog is huge and my budget is now frozen. I just need a little push. I’d have to say I’m looking forward to Disgaea 3 for Vita so I have some games to play on this thing. I really want to start from the beginning though because I’m always hesitant to jump into a series part way in.

  30. Liked on Facebook, and followed on Twitter (@Gegz)

    I love DIsgaea cause it’s simply the best srpg on the market, dood !

  31. Actually just finished the PS3 version a few months ago. It’s not as good as 1 or 2, but having a portable version wouldn’t be all that bad :D

  32. I’m a fan of the Disgaea series since the PS2 days. I currently own the Disgaea 4 for PS3 and I have spent a ton of hours on it. I also own a PS Vita and would love to play the Disgaea 3 release.

    I am looking forward to the release of the Black Rock Shooter (BRS) game in the U.S. for the PSP from NISA.


  33. I’ve never played Disgaea, dont even know how to pronounce it. But! I am a fan of NIS AMERICA and I do know prinny. Wondering if I can see what all the big fuss is about I only heard of good things about Disgaea

  34. I am the biggest Disgaea fan!
    I have every Disgaea game released, and many other NISA games just because I love Disgaea so much I wanted to play everything else!

    I have plushes, shirts, hats, soundtracks, even my nickname in high school was because of Disgaea: Overlord Cormack!

    The game I’m most looking forward to right now is Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention (BOOM!) because, I have every other Disgaea game, this is the only one left to get!

    It’s also the sole reason I bought a vita. So I need this game!
    Not to mention my birthday is only a few days after the game comes out so that’s a better reason why I should get it ha ha ha.

    The biggest reason I should win though is because I eat,


    If by any chance I don’t win though…

    The Dark Hero will avenge me and ding dong ditch you for the next twenty years! HA HA HA HA HA!!!

  35. So many reasons. When I first got Disgaea on my PSP, I spent hours playing it that night. Laharl, Etna, the Prinnies, they were all such awesome characters. Then, Midboss came and I knew 100% for sure that it was my favorite SRPG, maybe even my favorite RPG in general (No, nvm, that is still Earthbound). But still, the game was amazing. The voice acting was so much fun since everyone had plenty of energy to them. The combat was fast, and grind heavy. Plus, who doesn’t like a game where you can become level 9,999 and get multi million damage attacks? Disgaea 2 came out after that on the PSP, even though I could have still gotten it on PS2, I still waited since I wanted to be able to play on the go, the toilet, in my bed room, and in living room. Disgaea 3 came out on the PS3 before I had one, so I pretty much bought a PS3 just for that and Uncharted. Totally worth it. hundreds of hours were put into, but eventually my disk cracked. So having the ability to play it on the go as well would be simply fantastic. Kinda makes me hope Disgaea 4 comes out on the Vita eventually as well, but if it doesn’t I will still play it in my bed room for hours with everything turned up really loud. I even still watch the Disgaea 4 trailer everyonce in a while even though I already own it on PS3. Such a bad ass trailer.

    Though, I kinda feel bad because I don’t play many other NIS games, but honestly, why would I need to when I have 100s of hours played in the Disgaea series, the spin offs, and even the visual novel style one. I did buy Ar Tonelico 3, which was published by NIS, I also hold that in almost as high of a regard as Disgaea.

    Also, I followed you guys on Facebook and Twitter. Erik Stroud on FB, @kamanashi on Twitter.


  36. I’m a fan of disgaea since I played the second game on the PS2. I had lots of fun with the comedy of the game and the strategy elements. I own a PS Vita and I’ve been waiting for this game a while to satisfy my hunger for RPG games. I’ve made do with PSP games on the Vita but I’m still hungry for a RPG game on the Vita which I can spend hours of hours.

    I liked both on facebook and Twitter. My username is Falmung. I am from Puerto Rico. So please bear that in mind in case its not applicable for this.

  37. i’d like to see that hyperdimension neptunia gets a ps vita title. Nisa was a cool character in that game and would like to see her in other games.

  38. i’ve followed on twitter (shikion) and liked on Facebook (shikioneenshingen)

    i’m a fan of disgaea because its a great rpg with so much to do. honestly you could play the game for 500+ hours and still have things to do. the music in the games is very catchy and always seems to fit whats going on. but the biggest reason im a fan is because the game makes me laugh. its overly funny without taking away from any aspect of the game play i mean whats the point of a game that doesn’t make you laugh once or twice? ins’t laughter the sign that your having a good time with something? the memorable characters and their crazy adventures thats what makes me a fan of disgaea and nisamerica in general.

    as for the upcoming game. well there are quite a few. Black Rock Shooter, Mugen Souls, The Witch and the Hundred Knights. the list goes on but those are just a few

  39. I’ve been a huge fan of the Disgaea series ever since I played the first one, Hour of Darkness, many years ago. It was a hilarious game, but with witty social commentary and amazing gameplay. Since then, I’ve went on to play each and every Disgaea game. I even purchased the $100+ collectors edition of the fourth one so I could have the awesome trading figures!

    After playing the first Disgaea, I wanted more of the same so beyond just owning and playing all the other Disgaea games, I’ve purchased and completed Makai Kingdom: Chronicles of the Sacred Tome, Phantom Brave, La Pucelle Tactics, and Soul Nomad and the World Eaters. All those games were great fun and were made even better by the awesome Disgaea cameos! It’s always a blast to see how Nippon Ichi will place iconic characters, such as Laharl, into so many of their games! Heck, beyond just playing the standard SRPGs from Nippon Ichi, I’ve played Cross Edge and Trinity Universe thanks primarily to the awesome Disgaea Cameos, such as Etna and the Prinnies! I also played Last Rebellion and it has those cool Prinny optional battles! :)

    Overall, I’m more than just a Disgaea fan! I’m a NISA fan through and through and play any of the games they release. The amazing Disgaea games are just the “cream of the crop”, as they say. NISA was awesome and recently announced three great sounding games and the one I’m most looking forward to is Mugen Souls. Overall, though, I’d say I’m most excited for the final Arland title, Atelier Meruru. I already have the limited edition pre-ordered and can’t wait to wear my “Barrel!” shirt with pride! Thanks for all the amazing games, NISA!

  40. Hello! My facebook and Twitter are under different e-mails, my twitter is @ Charlotte Cherrybomb. Just to clear things up! But I have liked and followed.

    Anyway, I am the biggest Disgaea fan because I have bought every single Disgaea game on every platform, and I pre-ordered Absence of Detention before I even had a PS Vita. But the thing that proves I am the biggest fan: When Disgaea 4 was to come out, I would be living in a different town than the one I was living in at the time. I tried to pre-order Disgaea 4 on Gamestop’s website so I could pick it up in the town I was moving to when it came out, but the Collector’s edition wasn’t available online… So I drove 3 hours to the town I was moving to so I could pre-order it! I also have a prinny hat and did cosplay as Etna at an anime convention one year. If I ever have a daughter I want to name her Rozalin, and when I get better at sewing I plan to cosplay as Rozalin. I just really freaking love Disgaea!

  41. 1. Liked http://goo.gl/QJNdF
    2. Followed (@key2001)
    3. I am a fan of the Disgaea series and jrpgs in general(favorite genre). I have even watched the anime and played some of the spinoffs. Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention is one of the reasons why I bought a PSVita.

  42. Kind of fan of Disgaea since the beginning of the times, what else can i said? ehmmm im trying buying Neptunia, NMk2 and all the ateliers ;D

  43. I simply find JRPGs such as the Disgaea series and Atelier series to be entertaining and love investing my time playing with a passion.

    I am looking forward to the release of Atelier Meruru (Which I have pre-ordered) as well as Atelier Ayesha (Which you, NISA, will hopefully localize).

  44. Liked / followed!

    I’ve been following Disgaea since the first game released in Japan. The combination of quirky humor, unique art style, and over-the-top number-crunching have made it one of my favorite SRPG series. I haven’t started Disgaea 4 yet because I was waiting for the complete version of D3 to release on Vita. Thank you for the opportunity to get myself back into the Disgaea groove with this contest! :)

    I’m really looking forward to Atelier Meruru. I’m a big fan of the series and the Arland trilogy has been great so far.

  45. I’m not sure that I can place into words just how much I love NISA and Disgaea.

  46. Craazyville on Twitter and FB

    Um well Laharl is the greatest Villain/Hero of all time and Flonne, and Adelle, and Rozalyn and and and……yeah the best games EVER DOOD!

  47. Liked on Facebook, followed on Twitter (@KenshinGirl)

    I’ve loved Disgaea since the beginning, and have played it across all platforms and defeated all incarnations of Baal. I still remember the look the Gamestop clerk gave me when I slapped the ad for the original Disgaea on the counter after he asked me what game I wanted. > http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e279/Retro2DGamer/disgaeaadvertisement.jpg

    I’ve mailed copies of Disgaea (even overseas) to many friends to get them into the series, and blogged about my adventures in the games to get others interested. Who wouldn’t want to play a series with horse wieners, exploding penguins, and ninja pirates?

    Hmm, the NISA title I’m looking forward to the most at the moment is probably Mugen Souls. Can’t get enough of Harada’s character design. Can’t wait for their other games either. The Witch and the Hundred Knights, Legasista, and Atelier Meruru. ♥

  48. While I have probably been the biggest Disgaea fan since La Pucelle got me into the series, I would rather purchase a copy to give NISA more money for other releases. I would still kill for an english version of La Pucelle on PSP (or Vita) and even though that won’t happen – not buying their games won’t help.

  49. Disgaea is actually funny story, as I didn’t seem to like it much at first. I gave the game at least 3 tries but for some reason it just didn’t click! I couldn’t figure out why cause I adored the art and voice acting – I just kept quitting at around chapter 3 of the first game.

    Eventually I gave it one final shot and I’m glad I did since from then on I loved it. After beating the first, I quickly went on to play the second, which is my all time favorite one (which is unusual it seems). Bought D3 as soon as I got my PS3 and bought D4 day1! Also, Yukimura is the best Disgaea character…just sayin, zam.

    I’m counting the days until Atelier Meruru releases. Can’t say how excited I am. I’m also extremely glad that Mugen Souls and Legasista are getting localized. I am learning japanese and wanted to import them. I’ll wait now so I can hear all my favorite VAs, as well as support NISA!

  50. 1) I’ve been a huge fan of Disgaea for ages. I’ve been playing since Disgaea 1, and I’ve followed through with every game since. I have tons of memorabilia (mostly of Pleinair), art books, etc.

    2) I’m most excited for their newly announced Mugen Souls. I’ve been waiting for this game forever, hoping it would get a port. I love Harada’s designs, and the game looks so ridiculous I can’t help but be excited for ot!

  51. liked on facebook, since i refuse to do twitter :P

    i’ve been in love with NISA for years, but no series has captured my heart more than the disgaea series. i’ve maxed out each game twice and about to start the third runthrough. i’ve been dying to get disgaea 3 on the ps vita! i have every NIS game ever released in the US, all the way back to “pieces” for the snes. i’m about to pick up every soundtrack that didn’t come with my limited editions that i can find within the next year. i can’t wait to play d3 on my vita!

  52. Facebook’d and twitter’d ( @arsenalfox )

    Can’t get enough of Etna’s abuse……

  53. My Facebook is King Semaj Bee and i’ve been a Disgaea fan since 2006 When i first discovered the game at the age of 12 and i fell in love first one was disgaea 2 and i’ve played all of the games and spins offs and i’ve been a huge fan of NIS and Disgaea Since when theres a game by NIS it can’t be bad

  54. Ridiculously high numbers, badasses all around, the extremes of every spectrum possible and then some. I couldn’t call myself a man if I didn’t follow the Disgaea series.

    I’m looking forward to the next installation in the Disgaea series (come on, it’s gotta happen, I’m still playing 4 though…), and am dreaming of a Makai Kingdom PSVita release.

  55. I’m a big fan of the Disgaea series because of the humor, character developments, plot, and countless hours of gameplay.The characters are just way too funny xD.

  56. I’m Russell Berger (http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002426595578) on Facebook. I don’t actually have a Twitter for a variety of reasons.

    Why am I the biggest fan of the Disgaea series? Well; I’m not. There’s probably tonnes of fans out there more dedicated than I am. But I do love the series, a lot. Disgaea was one of the rare games for the Playstation 2: A game that I could enjoy at the fullest even when I was losing. It had a great story, wonderful characterization and amazing gameplay. Disgaea 2 was no different; it only improved upon everything that was present in the original, adding things like a better Item World, improved attack options, and cooler ways to abuse the Dark Assembly.

    Now; aside from those two and Disgaea 1’s remake on the DS; I’ve not had a chance to play any of the new Disgaea games. I do not own a PS3, you see; and college is probably going to keep it that way for a while. However, I do look forward to the day I can finally bunker down and kick the shit out of enemies and dish out 9,000,000 + damage in Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten!

    Aside from Disgaea; I’m a fan of all of Nippon Ichi’s games; I don’t think they’ve actually made a BAD one to my knowledge: Makai Kingdom, Sakura Wars, Soul Nomad, Phantom Brave, Rhapsody, and La Pucelle (the games I own) have all been an amazing experience.

    Again, I’m not the biggest fan most likely, but I am a huge one. I constantly hope for the next Disgaea to be on the Nintendo Wii or to get another remake on the DS, but that’s just me. Glad you took the time to read this, and keep on making awesome games!

    ~Russell Berger.

  57. Well I became a Disgaea fan back when I was in high school, and my first game was actually the first Disgaea, I bought it from a friend, I already liked tactical rpg’s but the Nippon Ichi experience (as I like to call it) was a whole new world to me, the story wasn’t serious like in any other tactical rpg, it was black humor and slapstick comedy, the uniqueness of each character was amazing, especially the prinnies dood! Since then I haven’t met another game mascot with such traits, I remember telling a friend about the prinnies and the first thing I said was “get this, exploding penguins!” she started laughing so hard after I showed her a prinny. This game changed my view on how difficult a game should be, not long after that I started to look for other Nippon Ichi games, as of now my collection is still small (Disgaea 1,2, La Pucelle, Soul nomad, Cross edge) but I already played all of the games from the Nippon Ichi family, even obscure games like Rhapsody or Japan exclusives like Angel present, but above all Disgaea will always be special to me, my dream is to have all the Disgaea and Nippon Ichi games, rest assure that if I win this game it will not go to waste :).

    As for the next game I am waiting for, well that game would be this one, as always I want to see what´s new in this one, Nippon Ichi has never disappointed me with their ports of any of their games, there is always new content and bonus bosses/cameos ;)

  58. I’m a huge fan of the Disgaea series ever since I randomly bought it in a music store (dont ask me why it was there, i always wondered it myself). Mugen Souls for the win!

  59. the Disgaea series has been my favorite it just loads up so much content into a DVD and in many ways makes it never ending and so much stuff to do game wise like leveling your characters to insane levels and level up your weapons and armor also the humor is one thing that people enjoy

    As for the next NIS game im looking forward to I am intrested in the next 3 games they just announced for the PS3 Legasista, Mugen Souls, and The Witch and the Hundred Knights

    NIS is one of the most underestimated companies out there

  60. Well, I think Disgaea is one of the best S-RPGS out there.
    The story is great funny.

  61. My Facebook name is Brad McFarlane and my twitter is @ultimazero32

    Longtime RPG fan here. A few years ago, a close friend of mine introduced me to Disgaea. Disgaea DS was the first game in the series I bought, and ever since then, I was hooked. I love the unique characters, witty and refreshing humor, and insane replay value. Upon purchasing a PS3, one of the first games I bought was Disgaea 3, and from then on, I’ve been following NIS regularly. My love for the series also motivated me to buy ZHP, Prinny 2, and Phantom Brave PSP and I really enjoyed those games too. Honestly I can’t say I’ve ever been disappointed with an NIS game to date. I’m currently playing Disgaea 4, and I’d definitely rank it among my top 3 favorite PS3 games. (It’s really that good, dood)

    The new releases I’m looking forward to the most are Mugen Souls and Legasista. Mugen Souls looks like it has all the cute characters and insane attacks of Disgaea all crammed into one action RPG, and from what I’ve seen of Legasista, it’s basically Cladun to the max! So hyped.

  62. Disgaea is one of the best SRPGs out there! Well I’m looking forward to Black Rock Shooter and the Witch and the Hundred Knights.

    Facebook: Kirei Kotomine
    Twitter: @FSNsaber

  63. I’m a giant Disgaea fan, because I love RPGs, and the art and story lines are just so much more fun than some of the other franchise RPGs out there. It’s one of the RPG’s that you look forward to actually PLAYING the game, rather than finishing it.

    And Mugen Souls looks AMAZING. NISA FTW!

  64. I’m the biggest fan because I have big metal blades coming out of my neck and like too chill. Okay all jokes aside I’m a big fan because no other turn based game series that I know of is as funny yet moving. I may have not played the Disgaea 3 & 4 but I would love the chance to check out how awesome Mao and 4 Raspberyl is along with all the other characters like I have in the first two games.

  65. Been a disgaea fan since the first one. thanks for the awesome contest, i’ve played this one on the ps3 but never got the dlc’s. Looking forward to playing this and Mugen souls in the future.


  66. Liked on facebook: same as display name
    Following on twitter: @dontjudgemyadd

    And I’m a big disgaea fan because I’ve it was the first game I played on my PS2 back in the day and have followed it through the PS3 :-)

    My fingers will be crossed!

  67. Liked on FB, followed on Twitter.

    Biggest Disgaea fan as I was hooked on 1-2 pics in an old game mag before Disgaea 1 was released….they had me at “exploding penguins.”

  68. Disgaea? It’s like… gaarrrr eeerrrgggg yeeaahhhh!!!! A feelings which cannot be properly expressed or spoken by words. As for NIS……. Touch Shot! Application?

  69. I first played Makai Kingdom for the PS2 thanks to my cousin who bought it thanks to the store seller recommendation as one awesome RPG. Whenever he will lend it to me I would play it like crazy. Once I beat the game I quickly started the extra bosses fights. First boss was Flonne from Disgaea. She quickly captivated me with her super heroine and love ranting yells and actions. One day at a game store, I noticed “Disgaea” which i quickly noticed Laharl, Etna and Flonne (being all three extra bosses in Makai Kingdom) since they were my favorite characters to play with. I bought the game and from the opening scene I knew I was going for a funny and action packed ride. The system was more complex than the Makai Kingdom one and it was more challenging thanks to GEO panels and swarms of enemies. Playing through the game I quickly came across the “Red Moon” Episode. At the end of this one I found myself crying with sorrow and compasion, a feeling so intense i had never felt before, it was in that moment when I realized not only I loved the game, but the characters themselves that made me feel happy and sad when they intended to.
    After I beat the first one I came across the second one, and eventually the third one and last year the fourth entry not to mention Phantom Brave, La Pucelle and ZHP. All made me feel different stuff in their own ways but I will never forget the day of the Red Moon. It was thanks to this chapter that I have dedicated myself to collect everything related to Disgaea, no matter how insignificant it is, I want the series to live for a really long time and for more people to experience a fraction of the feelings I have thanks to them,

    The next game I’m really looking forward to is “The Witch and the Hundred Knights”. The game play looks really fun and the character setting seems perfect for both comical and dramatic environments. The lighting of the game is fantastic and the character design is so unique and attracting that makes you wonder what is the back story of the characters and their goals. I have high expectations from it and I’m sure I won’t be disappointed.

  70. Liked on facebook, but i dont have a twitter.

    I’m a big Disgaea fan because ive played the games to death(except the 3rd one, so heres hoping), ive read all of the manga, and seen the anime.

    Good luck to everybody dood!

  71. ive been a fan of the series since the first one on the psp (rpg games should be handheld easyer to play on the go and anywhere) still workin on it taking my time on it but still going to buy this game even if i dont win it hopefully i do win it so i can use the money for food lol liked ur site on both fb and twitter always need more game sites to keep me posted on videogame info :D

  72. I always look forward to the Disgaea series. The series has a lot of humor which other games don’t provide. The next NISA title I am looking forward to is the Witch and Hundred Knights.

  73. I’ve played Disgaea way back when Hour of darkness was first released in america, beat it, maxed my entire character roster out, moved on to D2: Cursed memories and maxed that game out, moved on to D1 afternoon of darkness and again maxed it out, then moved on to D2 dark hero days just to play the expanded content. After enjoying the D3 integration into DHD I played D3: Absence of Justice and continued my rampage of Maxing the game out to the point that when D4: A promise unforgotten was released I could play the game with my eyes closed and rushed my way up the charts of pirates, making maps and killing pirates left and right. I have logged over 2000 hours into this series and have literally bought consoles just to play each game. I feel in love with the prinnies, Laharl in all his bratty glory, Etna with her flat chest, Flonne with her addiction to anime and robots, Mao with his deluded sense of Justice and love, Valvatorez and his love for sardines. All of them. I have mastered Disgaea in every way shape and form. Just ask my Plushie Laharl prinny and even he would agree. (Which is rare considering how conceited he is.) The games call to my love of nime and SRPG’s, to my number crunching OCD’s, to the fact that I stared in awe as I smashed the 17.9 quadrillion damage mark in D4, to every map I grinded for hours, to every floor I smashed through in the item world, and to every prinny I threw for the sheer sake o watch them explode I can say: I F***ING LOVE DISGAEA!

  74. I am so excited about Disgaea 3 on Vita! I own Disgaea 2 on PSP and Disgaea 4 on PS3. I am looking forward to all 3 of the newly announced PS3 exclusives from NISA. I am mostly waiting for Mugen Souls.

  75. Liked and following as @missingtchew.

    Loved all the games having over 300+ hours on each game, can’t wait to play the new add ons. Got everything from the limited collector’s guide to the different plushies. Can’t wait for Disgaea 4 to be on the vita as well.

  76. Liked and Followed as @stephenlacey09

    I would love to get this game from you guys. I’m a huge fan of both NISA and disgaea series. I got into the ps3 only recently and I have never played the 3rd one before so this is the only one I still need to play!

  77. I didn’t get into Disgaea until my brother-in-law loaned me Cursed Memories. As I found it delightful, I thought to myself “I’ve got to get a copy of the first one”. At the time, however, Hour of Darkness was out of print and the best price I could get on a sealed copy was $80. I didn’t even hesitate. Since then, the game was re-released as a Greatest Hit with a $20 price tag. My thoughts on my $80 copy now? Still totally worth it.

  78. I love all of the Disgaea games. I’m actually a little obsessed with Disgaea. I have all of the Palm Figures (except the first editions because they are so dang hard to get a hold of for a somewhat-reasonable price), a Kurtis plushy, a Fuka hat, most of the One Coin Grande figures, a prinny shirt from AX2010, Etna earrings, the World of Disgaea 1 and 2 art books, and all the other memorabilia I get my hands on. The title I’m looking forward to the most from NISA is The Witch and the Hundred Knights because the game looks really fun and the witch is hot. Mugen Souls also looks pretty awesome..ooo, and Legasista…I want them all! I also would not be opposed to another Disgaea game for the PS3, since it’s the best choice for displaying awesome graphics and pretty characters my favorite fighting system.

  79. Liked and Followed as DragooNick .]

    If played every Disgaea Games, with all of the DLC’s availaible :D
    Disgaea on PSP, NDS, PS2
    Disgaea 2 on PSP, PS2
    Disgaea 3 on PS3 (PSVita preordered already)
    Disgaea 4 on PS3
    and what I wait most for is obviously Disgaea 5 9000 Game ;]

    I just love it and that should be reason enough *_*
    And not just that I almost played everything NISA bought us from Japan ^^

    But I’m just 1 from many people who would be worth to win ^^”
    So I hope I’m 1 of the 2 lucky guys, so I can share this with my Brother :)

  80. Liked your Facebook page and followed you on Twitter from @TKtheknight

    I would really love to get this game not just for me, but for my younger bro. He loves to play strategy games and is a huge fan of Disgaea. He has played a lot of the games and I would just ask him how it is and if it’s recommended. I never played any, but I’m trying to win this for my bro. This would be a great birthday gift or graduation gift. Birthday is next month and graduation the following month. I would love to surprise him with this gift. :-)

  81. followed on facebook and @suckerpunchrose on twitter.
    I’d have to say I like the series for its out of the box humor and extremely long game play! Spent weeks trying to just find that one last item. Awesome experience with all my friends back in the day (PS2)
    I’m looking forward to The Witch and the Hundred Knights. Seems pretty promising.

  82. Following on Twitter… and Liked on Facebook…
    I’m the biggest Disgaea fan! I even have 2 Disgaea art books!
    I’ve played through all the games! LOVE THIS SERIES!

  83. @JasperDolphin85 – Twitter
    Phoenix Bauer — FB

    I’m the biggest Disgaea fan because I always enjoyed the older games plus my good friend introduced them to me — so they’re special to me.


  84. Why do I like Disgaea? Because it’s turned based, it’s a strategy and it’s completely open ended. If I want to play the game with just the main cast, I can do so and still complete it. If I want an all mage group or an all ranged group, I can do that too. There’s nothing stopping me from playing the game the way that I want to play it, and that’s refreshing in a modern game.

    What Atlus game am I looking forward to (Other than Disgaea V)? The upcoming port of Persona 4 to the Vita.

  85. I bought two PlayStation Vitas for me and my roommate, just so we can play Disgaea 3 when it comes out. The first two games I bought on the PlayStation Store were Disgaea 2 and Phantom Brave. The NIS title I’m looking forward to most is Disgaea 4 for Vita, if that’s ever on the roadmap.

  86. Disgaea is a series that I enjoy playing. Disgaea 2 was the first title in the series I played but it wasn’t long before I invested in the first one and Makai Kingdom. I love the characters, stories, and surprisingly the excessively level grinding you have to do to get to that coveted level 9999. And even then, reincarnation is your friend and helps to boost those stats.

  87. Liked of Facebook and @DeathMoJo on Twitter.

    Why do i like Disgaea? It is because it is something fresh and funny in the SRPG realm. I have been a fan of SPRG’s since played Ogre Battle on the SNES when i was barely 7. I couldn’t figure out many things but i loved the turned based aspect. I played countless SRPG games on my PS1 (Front Mission 3, FF: Tactics, Tactics Ogre, etc) and it wasn’t until the PS2 era that i first played Disgaea: Hour of Darkness.

    From the get go this game caught my interest, from the humor, to the storyline to the customization. The more i played this game the more i found i could do. I put countless hours into it and remained one of my most played games of all time.

    Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness and Disgaea Infinite helped me get through my last deployment as they continued the great series and kept me occupied for hours.

    The main reason i entered this contest was in hopes to play Disgaea 3 as i never played it on the PS3. My PS3 broke during my last deployment and i didn’t replace until recently. Thanks for the giveaway and thanks for the chance to win!

    United States Navy

  88. Liked(Asanti Jackson)
    Followed( Asanti Jackson)

    I had given up on strategy games until I played Disgaea 1. the characters and the story as well as the art style drew me in. I’ve got all of the games , quite a few posters and even managed to get the anime. Disgaea manages to get better and better with each game and due to financial problems i may not be able to get this game without this contest. i hope that i win the copy so that i can give the series another 400 hrs of my life, because its definitely gonna be well spent.

  89. Hi there! Liked on Facebook and Twitter (@stevebashaw)!

    I’m extremely excited about Disgaea 3 on the Vita. As the series has proven with their PSP installments, it’s really best on a handheld system. You can pick up and play any time, and if offers a difficulty that’s easy to learn, but difficult to master. Not to mention the fact that for far less than the $60 for a COD game, you get something that’s going to give you a minimum 100+ hours of gameplay vs. the 10-20 a lot of titles give these days.

    Super excited!

  90. What captivates me about the Disgaea franchise (and RPGs in general for that matter) is the specific way players are absorbed in the experience. Video gaming by design is an immerse activity. But the grove one hits during an RPG is unique. In the constant battle to strike the sweet spot between engagement and boredom, RPGs manage to be a sublime time suck. That is to say, actions which under other circumstances are tedious become rewarding in their contribution to the larger goal.

    In regards to Disgaea 3 specifically, I admire the title for positioning itself to be more accessible. I feel it is no secret that the RPG genre can be intimating to outsiders. Yet even the most hardcore of RPG players had to start somewhere. And for my money, Disagaea 3 is a heck of starting point. I hope Nippon Ichi Software continues to produce high quality RPGs in order to further the standing of genre that so very perfectly embodies to beauty of video gaming.

  91. liked you guys on FB and followed you guys on twitter. and here is my comment
    XD anyhow if i win i’m gonna give the game to a friend sense i don’t own a vita currently.

  92. I have beaten Disgaea 1 and 2 and the two prinny games on psp, I have been a fan of the series since the start.(How can you hate exploding penguins.) I also loved the humor in the games. Disagea was one of the best strategy rpg series that i have played. D1 and D2 can give me back sooo many hours of my life.

    I have a lot more NIS games but here is a picture of my Disgaea games.

    My most anticipated NIS game is The Witch and the Hundred Knights and Mugen Souls. Can’t wait to buy them from the NIA store will all the bonuses.

    Thank you for the chance and hopefully i can win a copy.
    fb:chun lau

  93. I lost a bet and had to dress up as Taro for an anime convention I worked for.

    Also, I’m interested in Atelier Meruru if solely because of that Barrel t-shirt from their preorder special edition.

  94. I always wanted to play a Disgaea game on my psp but it was stolen now that I have a vita I’m very excited to play this game

  95. I love the Disgaea series, mainly for the characters and the humor. NIS knows how to make a good tactical game. I am halfway through re-playing the PSP version of 1, and just finished Disgaea Infinite. I’m hoping for more Vita games, hopefully Disgaea 4, but some new games would be nice too. If there is a Disgaea 4, I REALLY hope they make it possible to transfer saves back and forth. That is the feature i’m most interested in on Vita, playing for a few hours at home, then continuing while out and about. Hopefully some iOS software is on the horizon as well. However, of all the announced titles The Witch and the Hundred Knights seems interesting.

  96. I liked on Facebook and followed on Twitter (readytorelease & killquick)

    Prinney is my hero (LOL) I love him so much that I have all his games, RPG rules but my Vita is so lonely without any and would be so happy to unite with this game to make it a beautiful union. I am looking forward to Prinney 3 & 4 for the Vita that will be a blast playing it with all the Vita features for the game.

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