Auto 3D Spotting On Battlefield 3 “Likely To Be Tweaked”

Alan Kertz the Core Gameplay Designer on Battlefield 3 has recently revealed the next thing to be tweaked in Battlefield 3.

Kertz revealed the news on Twitter by saying “One that that is likely to be tweaked is the auto 3D spotting, not just in smoke but in general. The distance is longer than intended.” A few people have brought to the attention of the developers that when using smokes to get past choke point enemies could locate players via the spot triangles, but it seems this is about to somewhat change.

Kertz later clarified by saying “I should say Nametag display, not Auto 3D spotting. It’s not a real spot unless you hit Q/Back/Select.”

So as long as you aren’t spotted by a player it seems you will be less likely to be instantly shot. Comment below if you think a tweak will have any effect.