WWE Fans Petition To Have WWE Games Removed From THQ

Angry WWE fans have started a petition to have the WWE franchise removed from THQ’s hands and placed into the hands of a more capable developer. WWE fan John Bonham is the one who started the petition and has made quite a lengthy statement on the subject that stated:

“I’m a gamer. I’ve played video games since I was able to ride a bike. I’m also a life long WWE fan. So the combination of both should the best experience ever, right?

Wrong. Ever since WWE has entrusted THQ with the games in their catalog, every singe one since 2003 has been nothing short of mostly bugged, glitched, shoddily built games. There isn’t a single one that hasn’t one fatal flaw that either ruins gameplay, ruins actual systems or ruins the fairness/accessability of the online functions.

Starting with last year’s game, THQ instituted “Community Managers,” who came to online wrestling game community forums, and asked us, the fans and game players for feedback on every aspect. As joyous as that may sound, it actually may have sealed our fate. When asked to give feed back and compile lists or changes/what we’d like to see added, it was like giving them a list of what to take away from us. Since 2009, the games have been more and more limited despite the growing superior technology used to make them. Missing moves and entrances, match types, customization abilities/functionality (The main selling point of the game to most), wrestlers and even with this year, commentary for the THQ programmed, in-game superstars that were released as DLC. Yet they still leave this information on the disc, locked to the game buyer/player’s access, as if to entice us to illegally hack the disc to be able to use the full function of the game. Now with this year’s game, most things we were told made the game, didn’t. Sadly, this even effected so much as again, match types (that were said to be tested and confirmed), moves and even superstars.
The last straw came today (1/29/12) when the online community creations portion was entirely wiped clean of creations people worked so hard on. Not even given so much as a single heads up.

It doesn’t end there. Their “Community Managers” and developers that make the game, that we have access to through twitter, make getting anything fixed terrible. Its widely known throughout the WWE games community that lead developer and overseer of the franchise is completely untrustworthy. He constantly berates, belittles and condescends to customers/community members on his twitter account, and releases completely false information to the fans of the series, no matter the subject. When he himself asked for feed back, and it ends up being in the game, he acts as if he gave it to us begrudgingly, as if we are lucky to get anything at all. Content promised to us, information and responses are always late, or never posted/given. The games are hardly tested for malfunctions, and are made for next generation systems, using outdated past coding.

Its today, that I, and my cosigners, take a stand and wake up WWE, and tell them we’ll no longer accept a sub par product, and at the very least send notice to THQ that this is make or break time, though is should just be break. So, in words and actions we pledge, the cosigners and myself agree that if the series is NOT taken away from THQ by WWE, we will boycott any and all future products (video game related), until something is done.”

This long winded statement brings up a few good points which could have easily been summarized in a paragraph or two. The petition has only amassed a whopping five signatures which leads me to believe that this paticular petition will go completely unnoticed by THQ.

3 thoughts on “WWE Fans Petition To Have WWE Games Removed From THQ

  1. I completely agree with everything said, I found that THQ changed very little to their game, Ive been a die hard WWE fan for years, and im at the midnight releases for every one of the games to come out…but sadly I must say if no action is taken, all i’ll have is Monday night Raw and Friday night Smackdown on tv to look forward to. THQ is not living up to their expectations and its highly disappointing to me as well as other WWE fans. I go forth now to say I really hope your successful. THQ has lost their right as far as their respect to continue on with the WWE series

  2. I’m tired of trying to get online everyday & getting the famous WWE12 server not avaliable.When is this retarded company going to be fired once & for all? this is just getting stupid now & its almost march 2012. I’m tired of trying to get online, axcess the community creations & when I do get to play online , I end up getting noob on or glitched by some dummy hacker,now thq is working on a new game? LOL when they haven’t fixed the one I have, this is just why they should be fired!

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