AT&T Confirms PS Vita 3G Price Plans

Since the reveal at E3, many PS Vita hopefuls have been anxiously waiting for any information surrounding prices for PS Vita 3G plans, especially since it was announced that Sony would be partnering with AT&T for this venture. Since actually calling AT&T provided zero information as to what kind of prices we will be looking at many have just decided to go for the Wifi only versions.

Thanks to Mike Splechta over at, who took it upon himself to visit an actual AT&T store, we now have a better understanding of the price plans available. It seems the Vita does not actually have any kind of special data plans, thus using data plans that already exist for other mobile devices such as iPads.

There are two plans at the moment:

250MB of data – $14.99/month
2GB of data – $25/month

So let us do the math shall we? $25/month for 2GB over the course of a year (12 months for those who are having trouble keeping up), that’s $300 a year. With the PS Vita’s launch date coming up and no information flowing about why we would even need 3G instead of the WiFi model, Sony may be looking at yet another wasted model for one of their most anticipated pieces of hardware.

3 thoughts on “AT&T Confirms PS Vita 3G Price Plans

  1. att currently has the fastest Hspda+ network meaning faster 3g speeds making online play possible(3x faster than verizon’s 3g), 3g was picked over 4glte because more battery is drained, big chip size,and shit coverage. The Psvita comes unlocked, meaning for the current Att subscribers,that have a non-iphone data plan(iphone4 & 4s have a proprietary micro-sim and all iphones except iphone1g have a special data plan) , will be able to swap out our sim cards from the smartphones and put them into the vita. Sony is basically tricking Att into giving current Att subscribers free internet on the go for $50 extra.

  2. It’s 25$ for 2 gig , but not monthly , you will use that up in less than one hour, or with one download. Same as my iPad, same plan, costs about a buc a minute.


    Heck it doesn’t even work out of the box.

  3. Michael, how can you say that the Vita doesn’t work out of the box when technically it is not even supposed to be in this country yet? I’m sure Sony will have all of this worked out before the North American Vita launch.

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