Skyward Sword Characters – Strich

Strich is a student at the Knight Academy in Skyloft. He is one of Groose’s two tag alongs and is a huge bug fanatic. He collects bugs and if you visit his room at night he is willing to buy the bugs that you have been collecting for different prices. He only buys three types of bugs at a time but you can simply sleep in his bed until night to change the bugs he is willing to buy.
NOTE: this process may need to be done several times before he changes his mind.

Here are the prices that Strich is willing to pay for Link’s Bugs in order of value.

– Deku Hornet sells for 1 Rupee
– Blessed Butterfly sells for 5 Rupees
– Skyloft Mantis sells for 10 Rupees
– Volcanic Ladybug sells for 20 Rupees
– Sky Stag Beetle sells for 20 Rupees
– Lanaryu Ant sells for 20 Rupees
– Woodland Rhino Beetle sells for 20 Rupees
– Starry Firefly sells for 30 Rupees
– Gerudo Dragonfly sells for 30 Rupees
– Faron Grasshopper sells for 40 Rupees
– Eldin Roller sells for 40 Rupees
– Sand Cicada sells for 50 Rupees