Skyrim Werewolf Gameplay Leaked

Today is a great day for future Skyrim owners. Leaked video has hit the net showing off werewolves and the player’s transformation into the creature, thus (unofficially) confirming its long-speculated inclusion.

Unfortunately, many of the videos have been taken down due to copyright claims, but I have located one that has survived the first wave. View it quickly before it goes down as well.

I’m sure this comes as welcome news to everyone. Vampires AND werewolves in one game? Can Skyrim get any better?

6 thoughts on “Skyrim Werewolf Gameplay Leaked

  1. Bethesda is on the hunt for this kind of leak. As much as we love to give you guys information on Skyrim, we can’t as we’re under embargo.

    Check back with us on November 10th for our full coverage of Skyrim.

  2. you can download the video via torrent. The package which includes it also contains a video of someone moseying about Riverwood (no spoilers, similar scenes as those shown in official videos.)

    The werewolf video is shot on a camera pointing at a screen with someone playing so it is quite poor quality. It does reveal the impressive mechanics of playing as a werewolf and the starkly different pacing of combat while in that form. Looks to be very interesting.

    If you want to download it just search a torrent site (it is listed on The Pirate Bay for instance) for skyrim. “Bonus werewolf footage” will be in the title.

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