Skyrim – Mehrunes Dagon & the Mehrunes’ Razor is Back (Daedric Artifact)

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Gamers who have played Oblivion or Morrowind, the name Mehrunes Dagon should be quite familiar. In Skyrim, the Prince of Destruction will give you an opportunity to acquire one of his dagger once again, the Mehrunes’ Razor.

As with some of the Daedra Quest in Skyrim, there are some requirements in order to initiate the quest for the Razor – you must be at least level 20.

The Mehrunes’ Razor

Once you’re at Level 20 or so, visit any town. A courier will hand you an invitation for the opening of a museum in Dawnstar. At this time, it will only appear on your miscellaneous quest.

Follow the marker on your map and you should find Silus Vesuius having an argument with Madena. Let them finish and Silus will invite you inside his house.

Talk to Silus inside the house to learn about the Oblivion Crisis that happened in Cyrodiil a century ago. He will then talk about the missing pieces of the Mehrunes Razor that you need to collect.

Piece #1 – Jorgen’s Hilt

Go to Morthal and pay Jorgen’s a visit. In acquiring this piece, you can either pay him 300 Gold to get his keys for the chest that holds the piece, or intimidate him, or go the harsh way where steal his key or trespass his house. Your choice.

Once you’re in his house, get the piece from the treasure chest.

Piece #2 – Ghunzul’s Blade Shards

The other piece of the Razor is located in the Cracked Tusk Keep, near the Riften. (Look for the marker).

Prepare to fight some bandits inside the keep.

At the end of the dungoen, you’ll get the blade shards for the Razor.

Piece #3 – Drascua’s Pummel

The last piece of the Razor can be found all the way to the west near Markrath, the Dead Crone Rock.

Before you infiltrate the Dead Crone Rock, make sure you’re prepared as this dungeon is full of Falsworth bandits.

In addition the Falsworth bandits, you’ll also face Trolls and a Hargraven at the end of the dungeon. The dungeon is somewhat big and it will take you some time to clear it. At the end, you’ll get the final piece.

Reforging the Mehrunes’ Razor

With all of the pieces, go back to Silus and give him the pieces. Once you gave it to him, he’ll tell you about the final piece and the plan of reforging the blade.

The Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon is located just near the Skyborn Altar. From the Altar, descend the area and you should find a stairs leading to the shrine.

Now, Silus will attempt to speak with Mehrunes Dagon. He will then ask you to speak to him and place your hands at the altar.

To Kill Silus or Not to Kill

Upon speaking to Dagon, he’ll ask you to kill Silus in order for you have the razor. You have two options: Kill Silus and get the Razor or let him go and never see the Razor again.

Whethe or not you get the Razor, Dagon will summon his minions for you to kill. Once the two minions are dead, pick up the Key to Mehrunes Shrine.

Once you get inside the Shrine, you’ll fight two more minions.

Don’t forget to loot this place as there are A LOT of items that is worth your time. Also, don’t forget to get the Daedra Heart as you’ll need it later.

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  7. hey im lvl 68 but when i actually went to visit the place he got killed forever ago due to 3 dragons i had to kill in dawnstar one of them killed him. but i just now found the shards to the dagger??? like should i keep them even though hes dead and i cant do the quest? or should i just get rid of them any advice plz? lol and no way im restarting when im lvl 68 now XD

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