‘Project Mamba’ Confirmed By Avalanche Studios

Avalanche Studios, the creative minds behind the Just Cause games, have announced that they are working on a AAA title for the PC and “other consoles.” Since the game is set for a 2014 release, can we safely assume that “other consoles” means next-gen development? One can only guess at what this can possibly mean for now.

The developer is currently working on building a new 10,000 square foot studio in Manhattan, New York and former Activision and Atari Exec David Grijns is at the head of the project. Avalanche Studios founder Christofer Sundberg said:

“Today is a great day for Avalanche Studios as we have achieved yet another goal by establishing a new studio in the greatest city in North America.

“We are one of the few independent, AAA-budget studios remaining in the world after the disastrous economic recession of the last few years. While this was a huge wake-up call for everyone in our industry, we have prepared for this expansion for over three years and it is a great feeling to execute our plans with such resounding success.”

Just Cause 3 was recently rumored to be in development with a 2012 release. There is still no official statement on whether that is true or not and it is possible that this new project may be the third installment to the series.