E3 2011: Metro Last Light Gets Significant Improvements

After our behind closed doors viewing of Metro: Last Light at E3 this past week, I was left both amazed and astonished at all the new additions to the game. The biggest announcement was that this newest entry in the Metro series is being made and released for Nintendo’s upcoming new console, the Wii U.

Before getting into more of the changes in the game, let me give you the run down of what goes on in it. You reprise the role of Artyom in the year 2034 in the Moscow Metro. Artyom is described as the “key to survival – the last light in our darkest hour…” in the games main plot. Our demo picked up with Artyom sneaking back down into the underground. After showing a few of the mechanics, such as stealth takedowns, burning off cobwebs, and unscrewing bulbs to work in the dark, the action intensified as he picked up a minigun and laid waste to everything in his path. It was an awesome display of the destruction in the game.

After the run through the warehouse type place, Artyom and his partner maneuvered through a gathering of enemies with the goal of taking out their leader. After being discovered, they made their way to a railroad where they pursued a train in attempt to catch up and jump to it. A firefight ensued on the train where Artyom swept and cleared each car until nearing the front, where the demo ended. We were given a sneak peek at a new type of mutant.

The game will also feature highly destructive environments as well as new mutants that populate the underground. One of these, which was shown to us briefly, was like a giant walking tank that barreled through everything in its path. This huge and bulky behemoth shows off not only the destructive environments, but the tension that goes into the game as well.

Although the game does not have a set in stone release date (its supposedly around the beginning of next year), the game looks amazing at this stage in its development. With destructible environments, devastating weapons, new enemies, a new adventure, the returning intensity of the atmosphere and the impressive graphics, this game is shaping up to be a heavy hitter when it releases.