Trion Worlds Announces Ascend-a-Friend Referral Program

Trion Worlds announces it’s refer a friend program called Ascend-a-Friend, which is a great way to get your friends into Rift. When you log into your account you will see a new addition to the menu on the left hand side. Click it to obtain your unique recruitment link, which you can share with anyone to give them a 7-day free trial and permanently link your accounts.

If your friends end up purchasing the game you will be able to get some in-game items depending on how many players you recruit to Rift, ranging from a pet to a mount! Clicking the image below will let you see what prizes you can get. However, these prizes wont go live until Patch 1.2 launches tomorrow, May 10.

Trion has also made sure that your friends will get some cool rewards as well. They’ll receive a special title called “The Chosen”, and since your accounts are linked together you two will be able to transport to one another’s locations once every thirty minutes.

I should also take this time to mention that within the next few days you will be seeing various guides pertaining to Rift written by me.

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One thought on “Trion Worlds Announces Ascend-a-Friend Referral Program

  1. Dagnabbit, I want a fire-footed horse! So I’m desperate for invites to be snatched up for Rift! For anyone interested:

    I have plenty of crafters, so I’ll make any [b]one toon of your choosing an augmented piece of starter gear or a weapon, 10 starter-level mana or hp pots, and 1 plat [/b](one toon only!) to help you start out with training n’ such, IF you are guardian side (Estrael). Purchase is necessary! I can’t help you with that part! ;)

    Estrael is a cozy PvE-RP server, pretty drama-free, and no obligation on your part to stay there – with Rift’s free transfers you are free to transfer off to someplace with a larger population at any time! Please send an in-game mail and let me know if you buy the game and what gear or weapon you’re interested in, so I know who to send things to!


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