Rift’s Patch 1.2 Is On Its Way!

According to the official forums, the highly anticipated Patch 1.2 will be heading to North American servers at 8:00am Pacific time.

Rift is expected to be down for 30 minutes, as the developer’s implement their new tools and the new content into the game. Read below for a full breakdown as to what will happen.

The 1.2 update will be going live to the NA shards at 8:00am PDT tomorrow, 5/10/11. The estimated downtime is ** 30 minutes **.

The EU shards will be receiving this update tomorrow evening local Trion time – the exact time is not yet set in stone but expect 1.2 to come to EU during the usual maintenance window (which is early morning in the EU, ~3:00am CEST/MESZ).

Patch notes will be posted on the game patcher and patch notes subforum once the 1.2 update is live.

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